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Can I be restricted to the barrack without formal counseling and recommended for an Article 15?

If I receive an Article 15 and I am not flagged does this invalidate my punishment?

I got a speeding ticket on post for 30 over and got an Article 15..believe my punishment is excessive. What can I do?

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If a Soldier is due an annual evaluation but is pending UCMJ do I wait until the UCMJ is complete (which will take a few months) or do I complete the annual report without delay.

Can my commander order me to pay for a civilian firearms course?

I had an accidental discharge happen while getting ready to clean my personal firearm I was counseled and it stated that my company commander is forcing me to pay for a civilian firearm course or face an Article 15. My question is, can he do that? .. Read the Answer»

I have been recommended for an Article 15 but my entire chain of command is PCSing. Will I still get the Article 15 if they are all gone by the time it processes?

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Can I receive a Counseling Statement with Corrective Training and Still get an Article 15?

I received counseling statements, one says recommend Article 15 in the plan of action (first counseling) the 2nd counseling shows what to do to correct it in the plan of action. Can I still receive the ART15 if I am already being punished and it is not in the current plan of action?.. Read the Answer»

Leader’s guide to post-Article 15 action

The focus is on Soldiers. But the same principles apply to Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen. 1. Basics. A Soldier has two choices (assuming not embarked in a vessel): accept or not accept Article 15 as a way to …Read More

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Can a Leader Use Physical Force to Make a Soldier Comply with an Order!

I got caught smoking in the barracks…what can happen to me?

My son got caught smoking in his barracks room and lied to the NCO. What can happen to him? He want to stay in the Army... Read the Answer»

Can a previous infraction in another unit be used against a Soldier for separation or chapter purposes?

If a Soldier commits a offense while in another unit and moves on to permanent party status in another unit (division), commits a infraction can the infraction from the previous unit be used against the Soldier to establish a pattern of misconduct? .. Read the Answer»

I am in AIT and Would Like to Know if My Command Keep Me Past My Report Date if I am Pending and Article 15?

I a in AIT, we had a random barrack inspection and they found an empty little liquor bottle in my drawer. I was given a counseling to sign that recommended UCMJ and I am flagged IAW AR 600-8-2. My report date to my new unit within 2 weeks. I would like to know can they keep me past my report date if the article 15 is still pending? .. Read the Answer»