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If I receive quarters for 24 hours when am I required to report to work?

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Military quarter start at the time given and remain in effect until the next date at the time they were imposed. For example if you got 24 hours quarters at 0900 on Monday, you will not report to work until 0900 on Tuesday. See AR 40-66 specifically page 134 paragraph: 13-3a(4)2(b) which states: (b) QUARTERS: When the patient is returned to his or her unit or home for medically directed self–treatment and is not to perform military duty until a medical officer indicates that he or she may perform such duties. (Note: The medical officer will indicate in the Remarks section the duration of the quarters status in number of hours, and indicate the inclusive period (for example, Quarters, 24 hours, 0730, 17 May until 0730, 18 May 95). Quarters status will normally not exceed 72 hours.

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