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Can I receive a Counseling Statement with Corrective Training and Still get an Article 15?

I received counseling statements, one says recommend Article 15 in the plan of action (first counseling) the 2nd counseling shows what to do to correct it in the plan of action. Can I still receive the ART15 if I am already being punished and it is not in the current plan of action?

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Bottom line

Unfortunately you can still receive the Article 15.  However AR 27-10 paragraph 3-3 states:

c. Extra training or instruction. One of the most effective nonpunitive measures available to a commander is extra training or instruction (see AR 600–20). It is used when a Soldier’s duty performance has been substandard or deficient; for example, a Soldier who fails to maintain proper attire may be required to attend classes on the wearing of the uniform and stand inspection until the deficiency is corrected. The training or instruction must relate directly to the deficiency observed and must be oriented to correct that particular deficiency. Extra training or instruction may be conducted after duty hours. Normally, commanders should not impose non-judicial punishment for an offense for which a Soldier previously received corrective training or extra military instruction and  successfully completed the training or instruction.


The counseling statement and corrective training in the plan of action is considered administrative in nature.  The Article 15 is nonjudicial punishment.  The two are separate actions.  For example: A Soldier receives a DUI on post and receives a letter of reprimand (administrative action) and also receives an Article 15 (nonjudicial punishment).

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