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I got a speeding ticket on post for 30 over and got an Article 15..believe my punishment is excessive. What can I do?

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Specifics of questions: I recently got a ticket on base going 30 mph over and I’m being punished with half pay for 3 months as well as loss of rank. 45 days of restriction and 45 days of check-ins. On base driving privileges have been revoked for a year and I’m receiving a battalion level NJP. I understand this was my fault that I received the citation and there isn’t any excuse for it but this punishment still seems like a lot.

This response is provided based on the information you shared and should not be used as the sole source for making a decision. You should seek guidance from the chain of command, IG, JAG or other certified agencies before making any decisions. How you chose to use this information is totally up to you and is your sole responsibility.

Based on what you have described it might be excessive and you always have the right to appeal the punishment. 

If you believe it is unfair, I would encourage you to appeal.

Make sure you are well prepared.  Consider writing a statement, and request to appear in person.  Be professional, factual, unemotional, and calm.

Hope this helps to some degree.

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