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Separations and Chapters Provide Soldiers a Second Chance at Staying in the Army

Did you know that a chapter or separation action is not necessarily the end of the line for a Soldier’s military career? If you are surprised, don’t worry most people are unaware of the second chance AR 635-200 provides.  Heck, …Read More

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Corrective Training Article 2- Rules for Administering Corrective Training

Are There Any Rules for Administering Corrective Training? The corrective training must be directly related to the deficiency. The corrective training must be oriented to improve the Soldier’s substandard performance. The corrective training may take place during normal duty hours …Read More

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Corrective Training Article 1- What is Corrective Training?

Introduction We have numerous tools at our disposal to correct substandard performance. Soldiers who are immature, lack discipline, or simply fail to follow instructions need your help. Two methods are explained in this chapter; Corrective Training and Revocation of Privileges. …Read More

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DA Senior Enlisted Selection Board Myths and Facts

The following is a list of some very common Myths concerning the Centralized Selection Board Myth: It is recommended that you personally visit HRC to review your Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) because board members are told who came …Read More

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Can I Require my Soldiers to Answer the Phone or Respond to Text Messages

Can i counsel my Soldiers to answer their phone? What I want is to setup a counseling that is just about communication and how important it is to make sure they at least respond to there leader when I have questions Please Help. What do I do?.. Read the Answer»

Preparing Correspondence to the President of the Promotion Board (SFC, MSG, SGM)

A letter to the president of the selection board is seen by voting members of the board. You may write to the board president to call attention to any matter that you feel is important and/ relevant to your selection …Read More

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Unauthorized Documents for the AMHRR

The following are examples of documents that are routinely sent to HRC but are NOT AUTHORIZED for filing in the AMHRR: Certificates of training not listed in DA Pam 351-4 ITC Training and German Headstart Time Management Course Stress Management …Read More

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Requesting A Standby Advisory Board (STAB): Promotions for SFC, MSG, and SGM

Overview You may have heard NCOs stating that they were applying for a second look promotion. They were referring to a STAB. There are many misconceptions about a STAB. If you have prepared yourself, for the centralized promotion board, you …Read More

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Using corrective training to motivate substandard performers

Corrective training is a fantastic, yet underutilized, tool for growing your subordinates. Simply put, it is a method to correct a performance deficiency.

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Honest Mistake or Unforgivable Sin?

Leaders are responsible for both the good and the bad within our area of responsibility or scope of influence. We are also responsible for helping to shape, mentor, and grow the future leaders of this great nation. As part of …Read More

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Leadership Quotes of the Day

As a Battalion CSM on mine use to say (Leo Arsenalt) If you can’t be on time be early  

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What regulation states a Soldier has the right to have JAG/IG present during a counseling session?

Short Answer There is no requirement for a disinterested party like JAG or the IG to be present during a counseling session Discussion There is no regulation that states JAG or the IG can or cannot be presence during a …Read More

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