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Why do I need to improve my PT score?

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There are many reasons. What is the first thing anyone looks at when you arrive to your unit? Yep, PT. And with the Army getting smaller, what is going to be one of the first discriminators to kick someone out? PT. When you want to get promoted or go to schools, what do they look at? PT. You get the picture. Then, there are the health reasons. Better health translates into less sickness, more productivity, less injuries, and a happier disposition. Finally, there is the leadership aspect. Good fitness Read more

What food should I eat?

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Diet is important to your body. What you eat does makes a difference. The problem with most people is that we go from one extreme to the other. Some people only each vegetables and some people only eat meat. Some skip cookies and ice cream together whiles others live on it. Balance is key. It is ok to have a soda now and then or once a day, but don’t drink three or four. It is ok to have a cookie as a treat, just don’t eat the whole bag. To get optimum performance for your body short-and long-term, Read more

It hurts when I exercise, what do I need to do?

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If you have a sharp pain, stop immediately and go see the doctor before you make the problem worse. If you have any pain other than muscle soreness for that matter, go see the doctor. That being said, many people unnecessarily suffer lower back pain. Why? Their hip flexors and abdominal muscles are underdeveloped compared to one’s upper body strength. In this case, performing exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, and leg lefts will help tremendously when done in a balanced body plan. Keep in mind Read more

I have a PT test in a week and I am failing an event, what should I do?

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I can’t promise you a miracle in a week, but if you are failing by 10 points or less in the push-ups or sit-ups category or need to drop 40 seconds or less on your run time, there is hope. So, sticking with the premise you are failing just one event, here is a solution: one, only perform just above passing for the other events (2 extra for push-ups and/or sit-ups) to conserve energy for your weak event should help with 2-5 points; two, learn how to breathe properly when performing your exercises Read more

How do I go about marrying a women from another country?

Should I marry my fiance in Central America before I return to the states?.. Read the Answer»

Shin Splints Cure

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Ever suffer from painful shin splints? Here is the cure for them, reverse toe raises. Perform 3 sets of exercises that consist of 15 reverse toe raises each set everyday and your problem will be solved in a few weeks. Start position is standing with legs shoulder length apart, hands on hips (for stability), and feet flat on ground. Step 1, raise your front left toes 3 inches off the ground keeping your left heel on the ground firmly in place with the rest of your body remaining still. Step 2, return Read more

Can I be counseled in December for an event that happened in January- Appears my counseling is a result of a disagreement with my Squad Leader?

IAW with FM 6.22 Appendix B (Soon to be ATP 6.22-1), it states counseling should be conducted as soon as possible after the event.  Based on the situation you outlined it appears this may be motivated by emotion.  You could consider disagreeing and telling your side of the story in the session closing box.  Also the leader cannot backdate the counseling statement.  Meaning the date you sign the document must be the date you were actually given the document not back dated to the date of the offense. Can Read more

Counseling in the Digitial Age

This is the first in a series of articles concerning the use of recording devices as they relate to counseling and other situations within today’s military. Over the past year I have been asked numerous times to discuss the likelihood and legality of recording a counseling session between a supervisor and a Soldier.  I have had numerous situations and variety of scenarios presented to me through ASKTOP.net and during my travels to conduct book signings and professional development sessions Read more

NEW AR 670-1 & DA PAM 670-1 Released dated 31 March 2014

Check out the SMA's video.  It contains some good information concerning the training and implementation of the New Uniform and Personal Grooming Standards. I have attached a copy of the following documents to this post for your convenience:  AR 670-1, DA PAM 670-1, Lesson Plan, Slides, and a Handout. This information is also available in the ASKTOP.NET  ARMSROOM Available training tools can be found at: CAPE.ARMY.MIL Click Here to:  Make sure you check out the Create Your Own Read more

Can my leader recommend an Article 15 because he did not like the essay I turned in for corrective training?

The requirements for Corrective Training are outlined in:AR 600-20, AR 27-10, FM 27-1, and FM 7-22.7. Doctrine Tells us Corrective Training must not be used as punishment or appear to be punishment must relate directly to the observed deficiency specifically address the observed deficiency must be discontinued once the deficiency is corrected must no be used in place of UCMJ punishment Professional Military Experience shows us when directing, supervising, and/or Read more

My Chain of Command is Out to Get Me!

I frequently hear from Soldiers who believe their Chain of Command is out to get them, either through use of an Article 15 or separation from service.  While these events can and occasionally do occur, it is my professional opinion these events are extremely rare.  So let’s explore this issue from both perspectives and look at some professional alternatives to resolving this issue. Typically your leader especially a 1SG/CDR have so much going on within a unit that they have very little time Read more

I came up positive on a UA but it was a false positive what happens next?

This is a sticky situation and will basically come down to the Soldier's integrity/credibility with the chain of command and how flexible the chain of command is in these situations.  Keep in mind most Soldiers in this situation will state they did not  take part in using drugs.  So the chain of command will naturally be skeptical. First step in my opinion is to speak with an attorney. The Soldier can request to see an attorney at the local JAG office and I would also encourage her to find Read more