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Unauthorized Documents for the AMHRR

The following are examples of documents that are routinely sent to HRC but are NOT AUTHORIZED for filing in the AMHRR: Certificates of training not listed in DA Pam 351-4 ITC Training and German Headstart Time Management Course Stress Management Course Counseling Techniques Course Unit Awards (these are posted to your ERB i.e., Army Superior Unit Award, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Valorous Unit Award) Orders awarding or changing an MOS or skill identifier Illegible documents Read more

Requesting A Standby Advisory Board (STAB): Promotions for SFC, MSG, and SGM

Overview You may have heard NCOs stating that they were applying for a second look promotion. They were referring to a STAB. There are many misconceptions about a STAB. If you have prepared yourself, for the centralized promotion board, you should never have to request a STAB. The purpose of a STAB is to make recommendations on individual cases regarding promotion or removal from a current recommended list. The STAB is not a selection or promotion board but an advisory body convened to make recommendations Read more

Using corrective training to motivate substandard performers

Corrective training is a fantastic, yet underutilized, tool for growing your subordinates. Simply put, it is a method to correct a performance deficiency. There are several FMs and Regs that can help you find information regarding corrective training including AR 600-20 and AR 27-10. What is corrective training? Extra training, extra military instruction, and spot corrections are all considered corrective training. Corrective training is considered a non-punitive measure. It is not to be Read more

Honest Mistake or Unforgivable Sin?

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Leaders are responsible for both the good and the bad within our area of responsibility or scope of influence. We are also responsible for helping to shape, mentor, and grow the future leaders of this great nation. As part of that responsibility we must be able to recognize the difference between an honest mistake and an unforgivable sin. I will begin by putting rough definitions around these terms. What is an Honest mistake In my opinion an honest mistake is a mistake that does not result Read more

Leadership Quotes of the Day

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As a Battalion CSM on mine use to say (Leo Arsenalt) If you can’t be on time be early  

What regulation states a Soldier has the right to have JAG/IG present during a counseling session?

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Short Answer There is no requirement for a disinterested party like JAG or the IG to be present during a counseling session Discussion There is no regulation that states JAG or the IG can or cannot be presence during a counseling session.  I personally see no reason for them to be involved during a counseling session. If the Soldier has concerns about the counseling session they can certainly ask the chain of command for a disinterested party such as JAG/IG to be present but this is a highly Read more

Does the person who wrote the counseling have to sign it?

Short Answer Yes, the person that wrote the counseling statement must sign the counseling statement. Discussion While there is nothing in counseling doctrine that specifically states this it is common sense and it is also implied when reading counseling doctrine. Think of it as a contract to be a legal document a signature is required.  However keep in mind this could have simply been an administrative oversight.  If the Counselor later discovers that they forgot to sign the form the fix Read more

Will lifting weight help me on my PT test?

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Will lifting weight help me on my PT test? Yes and no. If you are lifting heavy weights in low reps, it won’t help you at all. In fact, if that is the only way you are lifting weights, you may be seriously damaging your joints. If you are lifting 10-15 reps, resting only a few breaths between sets, and targeting total body fitness, then this weight lifting can help increase your strength and stamina as well as help increase your PT test score significantly. Check out my book MAX Out the Army, Navy, Read more

Can I backdate a counseling statement?

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This is a common question. Typically, backdating counseling statements is unacceptable, especially if it puts the Soldier at a disadvantage.  There are no Field Manuals or Regulations that specifically address this matter. The DA Form 4856 is a written record of the counseling session and should be completed during or immediately after a counseling session. In my humble opinion the DA Form 4856 should reflect the actual date the form is signed.  The contents of the counseling could reference Read more

Should I invest in a good pair of running shoes?

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Should I invest in a good pair of running shoes? Yes! Don’t purchase just any old shoes. Shoes make a difference. Invest in a good pair if for no other reason than to protect your knees and ankles from arthritis by the time you hit your early 30’s. Get a running shoe designed for your type of feet. To figure out your type of feet, go see a doctor or go to a shoe store that has a Dr Scholl’s or Aetrex foot computer to determine if you need a small, medium, large, or arch support in your shoes. Replace Read more

I Was Discovered On a Boat In the Bering Sea

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“Hide not your talents.  They for use were made.  What’s a sundial in the shade?” -Benjamin Franklin We all have a talent, something we enjoy doing so much that it rarely, if ever, feels like work.  Matter of fact, you probably enjoy doing so much that you even do it for free.  That is usually why we tend to think it doesn’t qualify as something worth bringing to the attention of our commanding officer.  It could be a special ability like that for sculpting, painting, lettering, a knack for Read more

I have been exercising and now I have a painful bump in my arm pit. What is it, how did I get it, and what do I stop exercising?

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At some time or another, the majority of people get that painful, red mass in one or both of their arm pits. This is called an abscess and it came about because a sweat gland got blocked or it is a boil, which is an abscess infection that forms around a hair follicle. Common causes are your deodorant plugging your pores (consider changing your deodorant), extra heat generated that opens the pores and something gets clogged in a pore, or it simply can be an infection from bacteria build-up in the Read more