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Using Moss on the Side of a Tree to Determine Direction- NOT TRUE

There have been many articles written and survival experts claim that you can tell cardinal direction by the side of a tree that moss grows on. The premise is that moss only grows on the North side of trees to …Read More

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As Caregivers Can We Decide to Terminate Our End of the Family Care Plan?

My husband and I are caring for our daughter's children. She is divorced and is due to be deployed. Custody has not been settled in court. We feel our daughter needs to come home and take care of her children and the custody issues. She got in the Army, now we have the mess. Are we able to terminate a Family Care Plan?.. Read the Answer»

Methods of Measuring Distance for Land Navigation

Straight Line Measuring distance on a map is critical to be able to determine how far you must travel between points or locations. You can measure straight line distance and curved distance (roads). The most accurate method for measuring straight …Read More

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How to Use Your Hand to Illustrate Terrain Features

Some of you may not know how to use your hand to explain terrain features; whiles a few of us might need a slight refresher.  Below is an example of how you can use your hand  to illustrate the terrain …Read More

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After Action Review (AAR) Planning and Preparation

Introduction After Action Reviews (AARs) are an extremely useful tool if planned and conducted properly. Conversely AARs that are improperly prepared and executed can be detrimental to the event and the overall morale of the element. The main point to …Read More

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Training Meetings: Who Attends & Their Roles

The following is a brief discussion on who attends a training meeting and what their roles are: Attendees will vary depending on the structure of your unit but on average the following personnel should attend the training meeting: Commander: Responsible …Read More

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Finalizing Your Command or Leadership Philosophy

Developing Your Command/Leadership Philosophy You should begin building or developing your Command Philosophy before you ever arrive at the unit.  In fact it would be a good idea to begin developing it before you are selected for command. This allows …Read More

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Preparing for a Change of Command Inventory

The following is a brief discussion of how to prepare for a Change of Command Inventory but it could easily apply to any Leader change of hand receipt. Preparing for the Inventory Before beginning the inventory, sit down with the …Read More

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Conducting an Initial NCOER/OER Evaluation Counseling

Prior to the Initial Counseling Raters, should be well prepared to execute an initial counseling session. This tells the rated Soldier you care about them and will provide them with every opportunity to succeed. Preparation helps establish credibility with the …Read More

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Relief for Cause Report (Definitions) Article 2 of 2

In order to properly render a Relief for Cause evaluation report a leader must know the definitions associated with the report and how they apply to the process. Definitions In order to understand the purpose of relief, let’s examine a …Read More

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Relief for Cause Reports Article 1 of 2

Introduction I must make it extremely clear that the information contained in this article should only be used as a guide. Since each case must stand on its own merit, it is important you seek guidance from qualified personnel and reference …Read More

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Social Media Standards for Army Leaders

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LEADERS Social media has improved the way we connect and communicate as a culture, but it presents some interesting dilemmas for Army leaders. ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS Social media is about connecting, so it’s only natural that Army leaders may interact and function in …Read More

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