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NEW AR 670-1 & DA PAM 670-1 Released dated 31 March 2014

Check out the SMA's video.  It contains some good information concerning the training and implementation of the New Uniform and Personal Grooming Standards. I have attached a copy of the following documents to this post for your convenience:  AR 670-1, DA PAM 670-1, Lesson Plan, Slides, and a Handout. This information is also available in the ASKTOP.NET  ARMSROOM Available training tools can be found at: CAPE.ARMY.MIL Click Here to:  Make sure you check out the Create Your Own Read more

Can my leader recommend an Article 15 because he did not like the essay I turned in for corrective training?

The requirements for Corrective Training are outlined in:AR 600-20, AR 27-10, FM 27-1, and FM 7-22.7. Doctrine Tells us Corrective Training must not be used as punishment or appear to be punishment must relate directly to the observed deficiency specifically address the observed deficiency must be discontinued once the deficiency is corrected must no be used in place of UCMJ punishment Professional Military Experience shows us when directing, supervising, and/or Read more

My Chain of Command is Out to Get Me!

I frequently hear from Soldiers who believe their Chain of Command is out to get them, either through use of an Article 15 or separation from service.  While these events can and occasionally do occur, it is my professional opinion these events are extremely rare.  So let’s explore this issue from both perspectives and look at some professional alternatives to resolving this issue. Typically your leader especially a 1SG/CDR have so much going on within a unit that they have very little time Read more

I came up positive on a UA but it was a false positive what happens next?

This is a sticky situation and will basically come down to the Soldier's integrity/credibility with the chain of command and how flexible the chain of command is in these situations.  Keep in mind most Soldiers in this situation will state they did not  take part in using drugs.  So the chain of command will naturally be skeptical. First step in my opinion is to speak with an attorney. The Soldier can request to see an attorney at the local JAG office and I would also encourage her to find Read more

Backdating a counseling statement

This is a common question. Typically, backdating counseling statements is unacceptable, especially if it puts the Soldier at a disadvantage.  There are no Field Manuals or Regulations that specifically address this matter. The DA Form 4856 is a written record of the counseling session and should be completed during or immediately after a counseling session. In my humble opinion the DA Form 4856 should reflect the actual date the form is signed.  The contents of the counseling could reference Read more

Writing a Letter Home to a Soldier’s Parents- Motivation that Changes Lives

As a young 1SG I encountered a high speed Captain in our Battalion Commo.  She was always finding ways to motivate Soldiers and get more out of her Soldiers. I was extremely impressed with her.  Eventually we struck up a professional relationship and without knowing it she began to mentor me. One afternoon the subject revolved around how to motivate Soldiers in an environment with limited opportunities for recognition.  She looked at me and asked “Hey 1SG you ever think about writing a letter Read more

Pick your battles

Just as military units avoid committing their forces to diversionary attacks and feints, leaders must be alert to being drawn into minor skirmishes that sap their strength and divert valuable assets from the mission. On an individual level, personality conflicts are a prime example of this. Leaders can allow themselves to become snarled in clashes of personal style that take enormous amounts of mental energy and are ultimately self-defeating. Example SSG Newnan worked for a section chief Read more

The Unintended Consequences of Social Media, Career Ender

Article by
Fox News recently released an article about social media and the Army. See Full Article Here. It's a Long Weekend at Fort Anyplace You and a few friends decide to get together and kick back, enjoy the PlayStation and the latest "Call to Duty" sequel.  The action is intense, alcohol is flowing and everything is GROOVEY.  Next thing you know some young lady's enter the scene.  As the evening progresses and the alcohol flows you begin to prank each other, take some photos, at some point people Read more

Senate passes bill allowing VA to disinter criminals

The Senate passed a bill Monday that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to unbury military service members in national cemeteries if they committed a capital crime. Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) introduced the Alicia Dawn Koehl Respect for National Cemeteries Act after Koehl she was shot by a service member. Michael Anderson was buried at Fort Custer National Cemetery, but Coats argued he shouldn’t have been since existing law prohibits anyone convicted of a federal or state capital crime Read more

Recent Change to AR 600-8-2- Am I required to counsel a Soldier that is flagged?

On 23 November 2012, AR 600-8-2 was modified making it mandatory to counsel Soldiers within 2 working days when they are flagged.  For specifics see the extract below. 2–5. Authentication Unless otherwise specified in this regulation, only commanding officers, commandants, an officer/civilian with specific authority to sign “For the Commander” (for example, BN or higher executive officer, deputy commander, or adjutant), or HQDA general officer principle staff heads or their designee Read more

If a Soldier gets a DUI how come he de not get an Article 15?

Usually this means one of two things. 1. There is a legal problem with the way the police force handled the incident and he cannot be charged. or 2. A Soldier cannot receive double jeopardy with regard to DUI.  Meaning if he is punished off post for a DUI he cannot receive an Article 15 for the DUI.  So if the local police are handling the issue the military cannot do anything. If the DUI is off post normally the soldier will receive a GOMOR, which is an  administrative action, for the Read more

Bringing disgruntled Soldiers back into the team

When you are confronted by a soldier determined to butt heads with you and resist your efforts to get him or her to do their job and meet the standards, it is extremely frustrating. While you might have enough to process them for an administrative discharge, you will still be stuck with them until the separation is completed, a process which invariably takes longer than you expect. And there is no guarantee that the replacement you get, if you get one, will be a better soldier. In addition, recommending Read more