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Who is authorized to see my Profile?

Any leader has the right to look at your profile to ensure they are not giving you an order in violation of that profile.  Profiles are governed under AR 40-501.  You should carry your profile on you at all times. Your leaders are responsible for YOUR HEALTH AND WELFARE therefore they must know what physical your physical limitations are so that they do not inadvertently assign you duties in violation of your profiles that could potentially harm you. Did you find this information useful? I would appreciate your feedback! If you think this site is useful please tell your peers, subordinates, and superiors.  Also we are always looking for examples, classes, briefings, SOPs, templates and other information we can share for free in the ASKTOP.net Armsroom.  Please help us help others by sending your ARMS ROOM stuff to: mark.gerecht@mentorenterprisesinc.com TOP

AIT Soldier is Ordered by Platoon Sergeant not to get into a Car with Father (an Officer), because it is Fraternization!

Research on the Subject I have reviewed everything I can find with regard to fraternization with regard to Army Regulations, TRADOC Regulations, the Manual for Courts-Martial, and various policy letters.  I have attached the extracts of these documents to the article and cited them when appropriate. References:  a. AR 600-20-paragrapsh 4-14 thru 4-16, 6 November, 2014 b. Manual for Courts-Martial- Article 92 Failure to Obey Order or Regulation, Article 134 Fraternization,  2012, c. TRADOC Regulation 350-6 paragraph, subparagraphs c, d(1),(3) , e, g. 7 November, 2013   Recently I read about this situation and felt compelled to write an Article about it.  I did not want to just give my opinion or rant I wanted to get Leaders engaged and look at the issue from all sides.  I hope this Article achieve this goal. The Situation An AIT Soldier is being charged with fraternization, recommended for an Article 15 with …Read More

Does the person who wrote the counseling have to sign it?

Yes, the person that wrote the counseling statement must sign the counseling statement. Think of it as a contract to be a legal document a signature is required.  However keep in mind this could have simply been an administrative oversight.  If the Counselor later discovers that they forgot to sign the form the fix is that they simply sign the form. The Issue is resolved! If this is an event oriented counseling statement, in order for it to be a completed document it must have an assessment completed at some point in the future. FM 6.22 Appendix B, Figure B-11 (Still in effect until ATP 6.22-1 comes out sometime in 2014) states The assessment of the plan of action provides useful information for future follow-up counseling.  This block should be completed prior to the start of a follow-up counseling session.  During an event oriented counseling session, the counseling session is …Read More

What regulation states a Soldier has the right to have JAG/IG present during a counseling session?

There is no regulation that states you can have JAG/IG presence during a counseling session.  The best you can ask for is that someone else be present during the session.  It is up to the individual conducting the counseling to grant that request.  If you feel uncomfortable with the person counseling you I would suggest you consider bringing it to the attention to a member of the chain of command.  If you disagree with the contents of the counseling you can simply disagree with the counseling and provide your comments, just make sure they are factual and professional. There is nothing that prevents you from taking a copy of your counseling statement to the IG/JAG for review if you feel something is in appropriate.  More than likely the issue can be handled locally by your chain of command. You might find the following post useful:  What does disagree mean on …Read More

NCO Found Guilty for Maltreatment of Subordinates

This morning I read an article in the Stars & Stripes that was very disturbing.  An NCO was found guilty of abusing a subordinate.  While I believe most of our leaders are out to do the right thing and grow the future leaders of our nation I also understand, there are individuals that act inappropriately.  These individuals can be divided into two categories.  Those that willfully mistreat their subordinates and abuse their authority and those that mirror the actions of their previous leadership.  Many times these techniques are not appropriate.  Corrective training is designed to correct and educate not punish and abuse the Soldier. As Leaders we are entrusted our Nation’s Most Precious Resource- The SONS & DAUGHTERS of this GREAT NATION! Ask yourself this question:  If I saw another leader treating my son, daughter, spouse, or loved one this way how would I feel?  Would the actions be appropriate? …Read More

Guest Post By SGM Thomas D. Clementson Leadership is an Investment.

ASKTOP.net Readers we will begin posting a series of Articles by leaders who have been there and done that.  Many of them have learned lessons the hard way and want to share their lessons learned with you so that you don’t have to learn from the “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS!” So I would like to introduce you to our FIRST GUEST POST. It comes to us VIA- SGM Clementson. This article was previously posted on LINKEDIN.   I would encourage you to look SGM Clementson on LinkedIn and follow his post.  We hope to have him as an active contributor on ASKTOP.net Leadership is an Investment. We have some fantastic supervisors within our military’s enlisted ranks but the real mentors are far too few – and it is an area I lacked awareness and skill. This is not an argument on the difference between managers and leaders – this is …Read More

Push-up prep

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When performing push-ups in practice, ensure your arms go below the parallel position to prevent test day grading surprises.

Preventive maintenance day before PT test

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Check your running shoes the day prior to make sure the laces are good (If not, replace them.). On test day, firmly lace your shoes to where comfortable, but not too tight, and double knot tie the laces to prevent a shoe mishap when running.

Maximize periods of rest between APFT events

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Take full advantage of rest periods between PT test events to improve overall test score. Every bit helps. FM 7-22 states on page A-1, Section A.2 “Soldiers are allowed a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes rest between events.”    

PMCS your Running Shoes prior to the APFT

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Check your running shoes the day prior to make sure the laces are good (If not, replace them.). On test day, firmly lace your shoes to where comfortable, but not too tight, and double knot tie the laces to prevent a shoe mishap when running.

Can Physical Fitness Exercise be use as Corrective Training?

Yes it can be used as corrective training if the rules are followed In your example this is not  the proper application or execution of using Physical Training as Corrective Training. AR 600-20 and FM 7-22 contact information on using physical fitness as corrective training.  Keep in mind this is not designed to smoke the Soldier but to gain their attention.  Leaders that improperly use this as a method of punishment can be perceived as abusing their subordinates and or potentially cause injury to the Soldier.  Leaders at all levels have responsibility to educate leaders on the correct implementation of corrective training and not allow leaders to abuse this method of corrective action.  Extracts of the reg and TC follow? AR 600-20 paragraph 4-20a (2) under hazing authorizes the following: (2) When authorized by the chain of command and not unnecessarily cruel, abusive, oppressive, or harmful, the following activities do …Read More

Should I eat sweets before a PT Test?

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Do not eat a candy bar or other sugary foods before a PT test. They will rob you of needed energy by the time you get to your run portion of the test.