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I recently got married & I am stationed in Korea, am I enttitled to FSA?

I am stationed in Korea, recently got married and returned to Korea. Just want to know if I am authorized family separation allowance. I put in a pay inquiry months ago and want to know if they will pay me back pay... Read the Answer»

Can I pin on my new rank before showing up to my new unit?

I am currently on PCS leave and made cutoff for SSG. Do I sew the rank on my uniform before signing in to my new duty station or wait until I sign in? I am trying to get a copy of my promotion orders from my previous Battalion, but I am unsure if they are going to get a copy to me before my report date. What is the "Right" thing to do in this situation?.. Read the Answer»

Can I smoke E-cigaretters in federal buildings on a military installation?

Can you "smoke"electronic cigarettes in government buildings?.. Read the Answer»

I received an Article 15 for DUI and 18 months later I am being processed for separation- Is this double jeopardy..What can I do?

I am a senior leader that received a DUI while serving Overseas. I have 15 years of service. I received an Article 15 for this incident. 18 months later I was informed that I am being processed for separation. Is this double jeopardy? What can I do about this?.. Read the Answer»

How do I go about marrying a women from another country?

Should I marry my fiance in Central America before I return to the states?.. Read the Answer»

I was recently under investigation by C.I.D. and was Titled. What does Titling Mean exactly?

I was under Investigation by C.I.D, and cleared of the charges. But according to what my chain of command told me, my case will remain opened for the next five years and I was titled. What does that mean?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be forced to take an APFT and Weigh-in after a miscarriage?

My spouse had a miscarriage at 18 weeks. She is in the National Guard. She has reported the condition to her unit and they want her to take an APFT test in the next 7-10 days. This was documented and sent to the unit. Can they make her take a pt test and weigh her?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be held past their ETS to process a separation action that does not involve a courts martial?

I have a Soldier facing a chapter under 14-12c. His ETS date is within 1.5 months. There is no way the chapter packet will be completed prior to his ETS. There is nothing related to a court martial involved. The Chain of Command is saying they are going to hold the Soldier past his ETS date. Also can he obtain orders to clear while this is going on. No one in my chain seems to know what to do or where to find the info. He is a good kid and I would like to help him as much as I can. .. Read the Answer»

What action can be taken against a Soldier that almost got a DUI downtown?

Can I take action if a Soldier ALMOST gets a DUI?.. Read the Answer»

Is the counselor required to sign the DA FORM 4856 or can someone else do it?

Does the person who is listed as the Counselor on a DA form 4856 need to sign the form throughout, or can another NCO sign the counseling? I have reviewed several references, but nothing I have found addresses this directly... Read the Answer»

What regulation states that the chain of command is not entittled to my personal financial data?

Where is it stated that my chain of command cannot demand my personal bank statements finances, etc. I was told last week that my chain of command is going to start asking for this information and I do not feel comfortable with that. .. Read the Answer»

What does my Reenlistment Code mean?

I have a 9E reup code. What does that mean?.. Read the Answer»