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Can a NCO who is on a per­ma­nent pro­file GRADE a Soldier on a PT TEST? If not, what reg­u­la­tion cov­ers this?

Can a NCO who’s on a per­ma­nent pro­file GRADE a Soldier on a PT TEST? If not, where and what reg­u­la­tion cov­ers it?.. Read the Answer»

What regulation covers line of duty investigations?

What are the regulations (and where can I find them) on LOD's (line of duty) pertaining to injuries? I submitted my LOD form to my chain of comand after being filled out by the tmc, I was told my unit has to complete the rest. It has been 6 months and my LOD is still incomplete... Read the Answer»

Can I be held past my ETS date for an administrative separation board?

I'm currently 1 month from my ETS date, but I have an administrative separation board pending as I popped hot on a UA. I was told by my commander that I couldn't ETS until I my board was concluded. Can my commander legally retain me beyomd my ETS for a separation board?.. Read the Answer»

Is an APFT with a just an aerobic event considered a valid APFT?

If I can only do an aerobic event or an alternate aerobic event does this count as a valid APFT?.. Read the Answer»

Does a medical board prevent me from serving in a leadership position?

I am an E-5 in the National Guard. I am being Med boarded and wanted to know if this will stop me from being a team or squad leader?.. Read the Answer»

Can I recommend a Soldier for a Volunteer Award?

I'm am a reservist and have a Soldier, who will soon transfer to my unit and is Drilling with my unit but is currently assigned to another unit. I want to recommend him for an MOVSM award him with a w/ Bronze service star for Volunteer over 2300hrs. Can I recommend him for the award or should I send through his current unit. I would like to see him receive it... Read the Answer»

Can Soldiers be forced to speak English while at work?

Top, Can I be forced to speak English while at work?.. Read the Answer»

Can someone of the same rank counsel me?

Can an NCO counsel another NCO of the same rank? Can an E6 give a counseling statement to another E6? I work with some Soldiers who think that they can do such a thing. I dont think they can because they are the same rank. If another E5 tried to counsel me, I'd likely take the counseling statement and rip it up and tell him to shove it. What is the Army reg on counselings? .. Read the Answer»

Am I required to live in the barracks/billets?

My daughter's boyfriend wants her to move in with him off base. He is a Private. Can he live off base or does he have to live on base in the billets? .. Read the Answer»

Can Leadership require a Soldier attend a Promotion board in a Uniform that is not yet Mandatory?

I have a number of AGR Soldiers who were not issued ASU uniforms once they came on the AGR Program Per AR 700-84 The CSM will not let the SM participate in the promotion board without the ASU. The wearout date for the Class A is now 4th QTR FY 2014. Is there anything I can advise my chain of command with regard to this policy? .. Read the Answer»

Can the Unit Administrator be my rater?

Can the UA be my rater? I have been told that only my senior enlisted or my 1SG can be my rater on NCOER... Read the Answer»

Can I order my Soldiers to buy a piece of mandatory clothing/equipment before the mandatory possession date?

My NCOs are refusing to buy the new Army Service Uniform making it extremely difficult to fill spots for funeral details and also looks terrible for inspections to have a mixed uniform. I want to counsel them on a NLT date, but can I do this? I feel that since it is an Army uniform, I can dictate which one we as a squad will wear, which means they have to buy it. Is this correct?.. Read the Answer»