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Will being flagged prevent me from going to a military school?

So I was involved in a fight I have an ATTRS slot to go airborne school. Does being flagged remove me from attending school?.. Read the Answer»

I feel like my leadership is targeting me…What can I do to get out of this unit and make this torment stop?

I am having serious problems with the unit i am attached to. I am attached to a Military Police unit and i am an MP. I feel as though i am targeted and treated like i don't belong. I know for a fact if i file a complaint and an investigation happens things will get worse. I just want to transfer out ofhere or switch to reserve. Is there anyway this can be done immediately? Please and thank you in advance... Read the Answer»

Can my commander deny me the ability to workout in the gym during PT?

Can my command order me to not go to the gym when my profile allows me to lift at my own pace.. Read the Answer»

What should I do with a Soldier who is out of ranks because of Behavorial Health related issues?

I have a Soldier whom I know pretty much everything about while maintaining a healthy professional relationship. He has consistently been counseled for failure to report because he is sleeping through alarms. It is the only thing wrong with his behavior. I recently recommended him for UCMJ, he received a summarized 7/7 with no reduction. He is a stellar Soldier other than this issue. He won the Soldier of the month two months in a row and aced the promotion board. He recently told me he enrolled in behavioral health. This month he has been out of ranks 4 times. I counseled him with no recommendations, but the 1SG is pursuing a field grade and possibly separation. After I explained that to my Soldier he broke down, he explained why he has been at BH and showed me supporting paperwork. He was diagnosed with PTSD and night terrors, and can't sleep like the rest of us and is so exhausted by the time his alarms go off he just doesn't hear them. I have witnessed this first hand while we were down range. I explained it to TOP but he didn't budge. What should happen? I believe we should keep this Soldier. My question is, can they pursue UCMJ for something linked directly to his PTSD if he is actively enrolled and receiving treatments through behavioral health services? Also I feel like TOP kinda has it out for him, convincing him to recommend a summarized the first time took me a week of non stop battering and him accusing me of using rank to help a friend. It has even escalated ever since he made the by-name list. We had a promotion ceremony for my soldier as well as three juniors. As soon as the 3 soldiers were pinned he went inside. I'm sorry but I have never in 4 years seen a First Sergeant in the United States Army walk away from someone being brought into the Corps. It really got to me as an NCO. Sorry for being long winded, just need a little advice. .. Read the Answer»

I am an E-5 being paid as an E-6 but I cannot get DFAS to stop paying me at the E-6 rate- What can I do?

Top I really need some help here. On ______ 2011 I was flagged for being overweight (1% over). However, I was already on the by-name promotion list for E-6 and DFAS started paying me at the E-6 rate. I was counseled on the date I should have been promoted and flagged. I immediately reported to my chain of command that I was being paid as an E-6. S-1 and Finance have been trying to solve this for two years but no one knows how to fix this and I really needs some help. Help! HELP! .. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command tell me how to spend my money?

Hello Top, I'm a single soldier living in the barracks, and as a PVT. I just found out that I was not suppose to be getting BAS so I am paying that back now. Also myt POV is in really bad shape and is a safety hazard and unreliable. I have an NCO that works at a car dealership downtown and he has offered me an amazing deal on a care.however, my first line SGT literally ordered me not to purchase. I found out that the PSG E-7 does not know about the order they have given me. ANY advice would be appreciated. Thank you!.. Read the Answer»

I do not believe my Article 15 punishment was fair, what can I do.

I recently received a field grade article 15 for violating curfew in Korea I was given the maximum punishment. My question is how can I fight this if I know others that have been found guilty of the same offense and did not get busted and only got 30 days of extra duty.. Read the Answer»

How can I get my orders deleted so I can stay at the same duty station as my fiancee?

Top I am in a jam! I am on orders and my fiancee is in the Army but has only been on this base for about 3 months. We just found out, she is pregnant. What are my options to deleted from orders so we can stay together? .. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command make me go to the field if I have a doctor’s appointment and I am ETSing?

I have a physical therapy/profile renewal appointment in two days. This appointment was scheduled 6 weeks ago. Today I just got told I will be required to go to the field on Monday. Do I have to cancel my appointment to go to a field and I only have 5 months left in the Army. .. Read the Answer»

Do I have to cancel my appointment to go to the field?

I have a physical therapy/profile renewal appointment in two days. This appointment was scheduled 6 weeks ago. Today I just got told I will be required to go to the field on Monday. Do I have to cancel my appointment to go to a field and I only have 5 months left in the Army. .. Read the Answer»

Where can I get a copy of my Form 249-E that shows all of my retirement points.

Top, I heard you can answer just about any questions, so I hope you can help out an old Soldier. Here goes....How and where can I print out the 249E Retirement Point Statement?.. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command stop me from attending appointment with my son who has significant medical issues?

Can my COC stop me from attending my EFMP child's appointments? I am starting to catch a lot of flak about taking them appointments. The child suffers from Autism, ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Effects, ODD, and epilepsy.What can I do to ensure my child gets the help the need and get my Chain of Command to support me?.. Read the Answer»