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If a Trainee refuses to train how long does it take for them to be out processed from the Army?

Our son is in basic training in the army. He has refused to train, He signed his recommendation for a company grade article 15 and was going to find out his punishment this past week 19 but his commander said the paper work was incomplete. How long with they keep him? .. Read the Answer»

Can my Commander ban every Soldier or remove Alcohol privielges for every Soldier in the unit?

Does a commander have the authority to ban all Soldiers in his unit from buying/consuming alcohol outside of duty hours? I've looked through AR 600-85 and a couple others but can't find anything specific... Read the Answer»

Do I need to report an off post fender bender that did not invlove a government vehicle?

Do you have to report and off post fender bender if you were not on duty?.. Read the Answer»

Can I counsel a Soldier that is not in my Chain of Command or NCO Support Channel?

Can someone outside a Soldiers chain of command issue a professional development counseling? The FM 6-22 and the counseling form use the term "leader" as the one giving the counseling. What is the definition of leader per Army Doctrine with regard to counseling...really need this information as this situation is turning into something it should not... Read the Answer»

If I am separated from the military early do I have to repay what is left on my scholarship?

I had a four year scholarship in college. I am now in the process of being involuntarily separated and I have asked my CDR several times what will happen with the time I owed to the military in return for my scholarship and I never get a clear answer. I also went to legal with the same question and was routed to the education center who was in turn no help again. So in short how will my remainder of time owed play out in this process... Read the Answer»

Can I be prevented from leaving the post? Isn’t this the same as restriction?

I am pending adverse action (currently stationed in Korea). i was arrested for breaking curfew.Long story short I am now restricted from leaving post, I have been pending extra duty etc for over a month and I seem to be getting all the company dirt bag details. It feels like I am serving my extra duty before I get an Article 15. Are they allowed to do this? Also, can my restriction from post run concurrent with my extra duty ?.. Read the Answer»

Are there any negative repurcussions in being involuntarily separated for not having a valid family care plan?

Are there any negative repercussions to being involuntarily separated for a not being able to establish a Valid Family Care Plan? I was also told that because I am an NCO that my care plan would be looked at differently, can they do that? I was also told I have to appear before an administrative separation/reduction board and possibly lose rank and get less than an honorable discharge for not having a Family Care Plan... Read the Answer»

I maxed out my push-ups, sit-ups, but on the run I cramped up and I ended up being a PT failure! What can I do?

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.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier go on leave when on extra duty?

Have a Soldier who received a field grade article 15 and was allowed to go on leave. Here is the problem: the Battalion Commander does not know the Soldier had an approved leave (by the company commander). The Battalion Commander imposed punishment to start immediately. The Soldier has already purchased a plane ticket. The Company CDR/1SG told the Soldier he could take leave. What will happen to this Soldier? Will his extra duty start after he returns from leave or will it be overlooked like no days were missed? Is it the Soldier's responsibility to inform the battalion commander of his leave situation. Should I bring this to someone's attention or should I do the wrong thing and let it go and see what happens?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Leader order me to buy the New PT uniform when the current one is still authorized for wear?

Can my chain of command order me to buy the new PT uniform if my old one is still authorized for wear?.. Read the Answer»

I want to get in great shape, but I don’t want to work at it.

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.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive a counseling statement because I refused to buy the new version of a uniform when my current uniform is still authroized for wear?

Can I be counseled for not buying the new version of a uniform... Read the Answer»