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Can a leader without permission to search look through my windows at my home without my permission…basically spying on me?

Here is the short version: Soldier was released from work to go snowboarding. Decided to stay home with pregnant wife and made up an excuse that he was taking the spouse to the doctor when really he was just staying home with her as she is on bed rest. An NCO came to his on post housing and looked through his windows without notifying the Soldier he was there. The NCO then called the Soldier and the Soldier told him he was at the hospital. When confronted about it the Soldier admitted to what he did but raised the concern about a violation of his, his wife's, and his 1 year old sons privacy. 3 weeks later he was counseled the only thing the counseling said was he lied to NCOsand when questioned he admitted. He was also flagged but never counseled for the flag or given a copy of the DA 268 ( removal of favorable action request) the question is. Is this soldiers rights being violated... Read the Answer»

How long do I have to wait to go to the Promotion board once I have been reduced in rank?

I lose my rank of sergeant, when am i eligible to go back to the board?.. Read the Answer»

Can my Commadner force me to do Corrective PT, Extra PT because I did not make a 270 on my APFT but passed my APFT?

Can my Commander force Soldiers to do additional PT and force them to come in on weekends because they did not score a 270 or higher, even though they all have passing pt scores.. Read the Answer»

Does my spouse have to attend ACAP if he is going through the MEB process?

My husband was told by his unit to go to ACAP. At the same time he is involved in the MEB process. He has had this med board going on a year now and his ETS is within 365 days. I know his packet is in the MEB process but I'm not to sure what is going on?.. Read the Answer»

I got an Off Post DUI; Is there a time limit on how long the unit has to counsel me…If they go past that date I was told I can’t get in trouble?

I received an Off Post DWI about 4 months ago. I was informed that if a counseling statement is not filled out within a specified period of time I cannot get in trouble for this offense, is this true? .. Read the Answer»

What can I do if I believe my punishment during the Article 15 process did not fit the infraction?

My husband and I, and both Soldiers. He received an article 15 and both feel his punishment was to severe. He was 15 mins late due to my Emergency Room trips, which his unit was aware of. It has been almost 2 months since it happened. Both events happened in a 60 day period. He cannot reenlist and cannot obtain rank fast enough to be eligible to reup. Hes never had any issues before, first time ever being in trouble. Hes really wanting to re enlist for his 3 rd time... Read the Answer»

How do I go about rescheduling my WLC, SLC, ALC class date?

I am scheduled to report to ALC on March 9 2014. I am on 90 days of recovery from a torn Hamstring which was initiated 2 JAN 2014. Basically, I cannot take a PT test until April but it is a requirement for my ALC class that starts in March. How should I approach my 1SG with fact that I may not be able to attend. I am in a small unit and my supervisor is a civilian. Thanks for your feedback... Read the Answer»

Can they kick a Soldier out of the Army without evidence?

My brother states he is getting kicked out of Army for being guilty by association. He was in a car accident with a new Soldier. My brother and a friend were driving this new Soldier around and they had an accident. The authorities found spice on this Soldier. They ransack all the Soldiers involved, my brothers room, blood test everything comes up clean. Yet they are kicking him out for reason of guilty of association. Is this possible?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be administratively demoted?

Top this is a rather long question and I apologize. Recently demoted from PFC to PV2. I never received a counseling I was being demoted nor was I told why. I was denied a copy of all paperwork demoting me. Once the commander and SGT involved left the unit I was able to get a copy of the paperwork.. I had a couple questions about this situation. 1 Am I able to dispute this so long after the action went through? 2 Is this enough grounds for an IG complaint? 3 Is there any possibility of my rank being restored?.. Read the Answer»

I was taken off of the Command List Integration because of expired point- Can my Commander put me back on the CLI?

TOP need some help here! . I've been in for 5 years almost 6. I didn't know that I could get took off the PSL. I was put on it automatically for being in for 4 years and being SPC for 2 years. I was taken off the PSL about 2 to 3 months ago. But didn't find out until 3 months later. I just updated my APFT and weapons. My question is after I have done that will I get put back on the PSL or will I need to go to a board to get my Promotable status?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be flagged well after an event happened?

If an incident occurs and the command chooses to do nothing and then changes their mind, can a Soldier be counseled or flagged for any incident after the fact? For example if a Soldier failed out of a school, failed an APFT or tape test, etc... Read the Answer»

Can I be counseled by my commander if he was not even present at the event that took place?

If an event took place with a Soldier between an NCO or Officer, should that NCO or Officer counsel you? Or does your commander have the right to counsel you on the event that happened although they weren't there to witness the incident themselves? And if you are counseled, how long after the event take place do you have to counsel that soldier? Also where can I find that regulation?.. Read the Answer»