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Can I receive a relief for cause because I am going through a family issue?

I belong to a special unit and about a month ago I asked a senior leader help me redeploy to a location I have been to before. Now I am experiencing some family issues. The senior leader went off, I even asked if I could deploy to another location to allow me time to fix the family issues. I was told my career was over and I would never have a leadership position again and that I would receive a relief for cause report. Can they do that?.. Read the Answer»

What should I do as a newly promoted member of the military with regard to leadership?

Im not in the military but I'm in the dutch scc ( sea cadet corps ) and I'm having trouble with being in charge. hope you can help with some good advise. I've been told that I will be promoted to the rank of petty officer 3d class in October as I will turn 18 by then. Only problem is that im afraid of failing and that I shut down if they push me to hard to just execute it like they would do. It has improved because I went to an army college at nco level so I got over a big part of my fear there wen I left after getting shin splints. However now that they want me to take charge I get cold feet. I have been with the guys in my unit for the last 3 years and I'm not sure if I will be able to lead them correctly as they all know that I have issues with being in charge of a rowing boat among other things. Could you please give me some advise how I should deal with it cause my unit 2ic won't let me refuse the promotion ( he was my military instructor at army college) and he knows I am able to lead and I know that I am capable of it when i put aside the doubts but I'm really insecure about it. If you could give me advise like you would with a newly promoted nco I would really appreciate it Thank you sgt-mjr.. Read the Answer»

Can I eat and walk while in uniform?

Where does it state a Soldier cannot eat and walk while in uniform? Saw a Soldier just get ripped to no end for doing this... Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command require me to give them all personal information regarding my finances?

Can my Leader require me to turn in a paperwork about how much my wife and I spend? They want to know absolutely everything, including how much we use for groceries, entertainment, and how much we put into savings and how much is in our checking and savings... Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command or Commander order me or force me to buy a watch for PT?

Can a commander force Soldiers to buy a watch and wear it to PT? If we do not do it the threat is we will be counseled? .. Read the Answer»

Is emotional cheating covered under UCMJ?

A spouse is alleging emotional adultery or cheating. Is that even possible under the UCMJ?.. Read the Answer»

If I get two Article 15’s can I request to get out of the service?

I received an Article 15 a few months ago. Unfortunately it looks like I will be getting another one? Can I request to get out of the service if I get another one?.. Read the Answer»

Can I recieve a Letter of Reprimand if I was counseled and successfully completed the plan of action?

I played a prank on a fellow NCO months ago. I didn't lie or attempt to hide it. The next day I received an event oriented counseling, with a plan of action that I would apologize and not interact with that Soldier in a negative manner again. A month later the Soldier submitted an informal complaint against me. The 15-6 findings were that I was guilty of the offense. I was recommended for a GOMOR, the General refused to give me a GOMOR. Now my unit is attempting to give me a letter of reprimand. Can they do that after I was already counseled, and completed the plan of action?.. Read the Answer»

If I don’t have a car, who is responsible to make sure I have a ride to my place of duty?

Can my chain of command make it my responsibility to get to my place of duty?.. Read the Answer»

I am getting an Article 15 for supposedly lying about pulling my guard duty shift but I pulled the shift- What can I do?

My leadership is giving me an Article 15 (summarized) for lying to an NCO, which they have absolutely no proof I lied. They are saying I lied about pulling my guard shift while in the field. While everyone else was asleep I was doing my guard shift. I wake up and I'm getting yelled at for not doing my shift. When was asked I told my E6 squad leader I did my shift, he called me a liar and has proceeded to push the Article 15 since. How should I handle this situation?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be required to sign a counseling statement while on medication?

Top, I was on some medication and was given a counseling statement for something. I did not feel comfortable signing the counseling statement. Can they make me sign a counseling statement when I am on medication?.. Read the Answer»

Is a copy of the blotter or military police report released to the public?

if you live on a military base and the Military Police come to your house and write a report up, is that report released to the public.. Read the Answer»