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Failed APFT – On Permanent Profile – Can my flag be lifted?

I just received a permanent profile which prohibits me from taking all events (including alternate) on the APFT. I am currently flagged and barred for a previous APFT failure. Should my flag and bar be lifted due to the new permanent profile. Also I am not sure if this affects the situation but, I am also currently going through the MEB process. Any information would be greatly appreciated.. Read the Answer»

If I am Relieved Does My Chain of Command Have to Give Me a Relief For Cause?

Does a relief for cause have to come with an NCOER? I've been relieved of being a platoon Sergeant and I'm wondering what else is in store for me, I haven't received a relief for cause NCOER yet, but I'm wondering if there's another option to avoid tarnishing my NCOER record... Read the Answer»

Why are Equipment Inspections important?

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Can I Be Forced to Sign a Sworn Statement?

Can I Be Forced to Sign a Sworn Statement?.. Read the Answer»

How do I prepare a letter to the president of a promotion board?

Where can I find information on writing the president of the board?.. Read the Answer»

Can I inspect a Soldier’s quarters or off post housing for health and welfare?

I do weekly (at least) barracks inspections. While I was out doing my run, i decided to pop in and see one of my Soldiers who lives on post. He's a young E4 with a wife and two kids. He allowed me in his home and we talked for a few minutes. While I was there, I noticed that his house was filthy. I politely mentioned this to him. I brought it to the attention of my E6. He came with me to visit the Soldier the following week. The house was still a mess. We sat him down and spoke to him about it. We then paid another visit today. He had notice and time to prepare for us. Conditions were better, but still bad. Now my question is this: Do we have the right to counsel and punish (if deemed necessary) for this? Or is a Soldier's house off-limits to the reach of their leaders? I've been searching and having a hard time finding any solid information on this. I don't want to see this situation blow up and have him go to JAG and sink everyone involved because we were trying to help him... Read the Answer»

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Can the Chain of Command Conduct Barracks Inspections without Soldiers being Present?

Is there a regulation that allows senior leadership to go through a single Soldier's room anytime they wish, without probable cause of anything suspicious and without notifying the single Soldier.. Read the Answer»

I have a P3 profile do I still have to do PT?

Can I be counseled in Jan (verbally) and then receive a counseling in March that is backdated to Jan?

Can you receive a counseling for over weight that's been giving in January but have to still sign it March and the date be changed back to the 29th of january? .. Read the Answer»

Can a leader ask if I am dating someone?

Can I be rated by a leader that is junior to me by time in grade or date of rank?

When is it Appropriate for a Person Outside the Rating Chain to Rate a Soldier?