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Will I Lose All of My Accrued Leave if I am Waiting on a Conditional Wavier to be Approved for My Chapter Separation?

I am waiting for an answer on my conditional waiver for a honorable discharge in lieu of a separation review board. My Cmd has already approved transition leave and I should start clearing next week. That being said, transition called my cmd asking if my ets was a chapter or regular because of the code on my record (9J). My CMD said he did not know and never fully answered so I have no orders. I would be able to clear (with post papers) with a memo to clear without orders. I am prior service and have already sold leave upon that ets (pregnancy chapter). If I am unable to clear and be out soon I will lose all of my leave. TDS told me that I could ETS with leave prior but I cannot find anything in regulations or anything else. I have also done many searches online with no luck. I need guidance and help please.. Read the Answer»

What form should I use if my counseling is too long?

Is there a specific memo format to use if my counseling bullets are too long to fit in the counseling form?.. Read the Answer»

How Many Points Do I Need to Obtain My 20 Year Letter and Where Can I Find My Point Totals.

I need to know how many retirement point I have and how many points I need to receive my 20 year letter? .. Read the Answer»

Can a Commander force me to use a DA Form 4856 when conducting quarterly counseling?

Our Detachment Commander is stipulating that every quarter when we counsel our NCO's, all NCO Support forms be accompanied with a 4856 Counseling form. Does he or can he make us add a 4856 to the quarterly counseling NCO Support form? Thanks again for your time Mark! I am very appreciative of you sharing the vast quantity and quality of knowledge you have!.. Read the Answer»

How Can I Obtain my Total Service Time if I served in More Than One Service?

I was in the Active Navy, Reserve Navy, Reserve Guard, Reserve Navy and then finally the Reserve Army and then IRR via the Army. Is there someplace I can contact where the Army could tell me what they have as my total service for retirement? .. Read the Answer»

Can a FLIPL stop a Med board?

Can a FLIPL stop a Med board? .. Read the Answer»

NCOER False counseling dates, no counseling dates, negative comments- What can I do?

I have serveral questions TOP! Can my rater or senior rater place a derogatory comment on my NCOER without me ever having received a counseling statement? Can They falsify my counseling dates and then remove them and my senior rater write in section Ve that the form was not used but that I was verbally counseled? What exactly can I do and where does it state that the dates for the counselings placed on my NCOER must be in writing?.. Read the Answer»

Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?

Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?.. Read the Answer»

How can I look up my retirement points?

I am in the Army Reserves and I need to determine how many points I have towards retirement. Can you help me?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be Denied Block Leave for Being Flagged for Being Overweight.

Can a soldier be denied block leave for being flagged for being overweight. Soldier is days from signing papers to be med boarded.. Read the Answer»

How Long do I Have to Get a Line of Duty Investigation Going?

Please tell me how long I have to get a Line of Duty (LOD) investigation completed. I was injured in 2016 and the injury has not healed. I was told it is to late cause the injury happened in 2016... Read the Answer»

I just got appointed as Battalion Master Driver but all we Have are Non Tactical Vehicles Where Can I Find Information to Perform My Duties?

I have just been designated the Battalion Master Driver.,,, we have no tactical military vehicles.. only vans and trucks..there is no driver's training program, we have no motor pool,,,where do I start to get individuals properly licensed on equipment on the airfield,,,ie tugs, agpus,and all vehicles they drive off on the airfield .. Read the Answer»