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I am on leave but plan to go camping and will not be readily availalbe by phone…can I get in trouble if I don’t answer my phone if the chain of command calls?

How "available" do I have to be while I'm on leave? If I'm staying in the local area for the duration of my leave, but I decide to go camping where I can't readily answer my phone for a few days, can I get in trouble for not answering when my chain of command calls?.. Read the Answer»

I self enrolled in the Army Substance Abuse Program and came up hot on a urine analysis will I be protected under the limited use policy?

I am currently an active duty Soldier in the Army, I pissed hot for a rehabilitation drug test given to me and other Soldiers who are enrolled in ASAP. The test was after I self enrolled but before I started any sort of therapy. Will I be protected under the limited use policy since I self enrolled? If I get separated from the Army for this, will it be an honorable?.. Read the Answer»

Do Article 15′s and counseling statements transfer to a new unit if my current unit is shutting down?

I am being transfer to a new brigade because my brigade is shutting down. Do my Article 15's and counseling statements stay with my old unit? .. Read the Answer»

I have a Leader that was suspended from his duties for domestic violence, upon investigation it was unsbustantiated, now he is receiving a Relief For Cause NCOER, Is this legal?

I have an NCO who was a drill sergeant and then removed from the trail for a domestic dispute that upon investigation was unsubstantiated and now the NCO is getting a relief for cause NCOER with no UCMJ actions and no flags pending, and no counseling for why he is receiving a relief for cause. Can this be done?.. Read the Answer»

My chain of command removed my promotable status because I took my APFT test while on profile. Can I get my promotable status back?

A Soldier recently PCS to our unit. She lost her promotable status because she took her APFT test while on profile in her last unit but had permission to do so from her previous chain of command. and doctor. Can she get her promotable status back?.. Read the Answer»

I am recently promoted and PCS in a week. I have confimred my PPW if I don’t make points this month will my points be automatcially submitted or does my new unit have to submit them?

Just got promotable status today, and PCS'ing in a week. I will be able to pick up my proceedings tomorrow. My S1 and I already confirmed my PPW. If I do not make points for the following month. Will my points be automatically submitted? or will my gaining unit have to re-submit them?.. Read the Answer»

Is it standard policy for an NCO to prepare/write his/her own NCOER?

Is it standard policy for an NCO to prepare/write his/her own NCOER?.. Read the Answer»

How can I convert my SAMS-1E(replaced the PLL course) into promotion points since its not on the list of courses worth promotion points?

AR 350-1 para 4-14c 1-17 has the course for Prescribe Load List Clerk course. That's the old course for 92As working at the motor pool and is still valid for promotion points. How can I convert my SAMS-1E(replaced the PLL course) into promotion points since its not on the list of courses worth promotion points?.. Read the Answer»

A National Guard Soldier had decided to take a voluntary reduction in grade to avoid deployment how should I counsel them?

A newly promoted E-5 in the National Guard, has decided to take a voluntary reduction of rank and switch units so he does not have to deploy. How do I write a counseling for this Soldier?.. Read the Answer»

Is this illegal for another doctor to change my profile without seeing me?

I have a unique dilemma I need help with. I just had major knee surgery and my doctor stated I will need 6 to 9 months of recovery before I am fully healed. My doctor gave me a profile on 8 January which expires in April. Now I had another doctor from another clinic from another base change my profile without ever evaluating at all. Is this illegal for another doctor to do this and what you suggest I do? I am considering filing an IG complaint against this doctor.. Read the Answer»

Does an Article 15 count as a felony?

Do article 15's count as felonies?.. Read the Answer»

My rater says my APFT is requirement on my evaluation report…is this true?

TOP I have a hot one for you! Does my APFT score have to be put on the NCOER?.. Read the Answer»