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Can I be administratively demoted?

Top this is a rather long question and I apologize. Recently demoted from PFC to PV2. I never received a counseling I was being demoted nor was I told why. I was denied a copy of all paperwork demoting me. Once the commander and SGT involved left the unit I was able to get a copy of the paperwork.. I had a couple questions about this situation. 1 Am I able to dispute this so long after the action went through? 2 Is this enough grounds for an IG complaint? 3 Is there any possibility of my rank being restored?.. Read the Answer»

I was taken off of the Command List Integration because of expired point- Can my Commander put me back on the CLI?

TOP need some help here! . I've been in for 5 years almost 6. I didn't know that I could get took off the PSL. I was put on it automatically for being in for 4 years and being SPC for 2 years. I was taken off the PSL about 2 to 3 months ago. But didn't find out until 3 months later. I just updated my APFT and weapons. My question is after I have done that will I get put back on the PSL or will I need to go to a board to get my Promotable status?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be flagged well after an event happened?

If an incident occurs and the command chooses to do nothing and then changes their mind, can a Soldier be counseled or flagged for any incident after the fact? For example if a Soldier failed out of a school, failed an APFT or tape test, etc... Read the Answer»

Can I be counseled by my commander if he was not even present at the event that took place?

If an event took place with a Soldier between an NCO or Officer, should that NCO or Officer counsel you? Or does your commander have the right to counsel you on the event that happened although they weren't there to witness the incident themselves? And if you are counseled, how long after the event take place do you have to counsel that soldier? Also where can I find that regulation?.. Read the Answer»

Can my rater, senior rater, and reviewer be the same person as long as they are an SES?

1. I heard that rater, senior rater and reviewer can be all DOD civilians as long as the reviewer is a Senior Executive Service (SES, is that true? 2. Also , can the senior rater and the reviewer be of same person who is an SES? .. Read the Answer»

Can I be forced to PCS while on a medical recovery profile for surgery?

I recently underwent knee surgery and was put on assignment. I received my profile that limits me from deploying so I can recover from surgery. Can my unit force me to PCS to my next unit that is a deployable unit even though I have non deploying profile?.. Read the Answer»

What evaluation form should I use to counsel an E-4?

Do you have a sample of a E4 Eval Counseling Form. So when the Eval are due there is no surprise to the E4 Something like a NCO support Form.. Read the Answer»

Can I recieve my initial counseling statement in a memorandum for record format?

I was recently appointed as a squad leader and my initial counseling was given to me in the form of a memorandum for record. The counseling was neither positive or negative, just a plain statement of duties and expectations. I can't seem to find a regulation or a precedence, is there a reason why a PSG would do that and is this a common practice? .. Read the Answer»

Should I document that my Soldier does not plan on Reenlisting?

Hello Top. Got a quick question. So one of my NCOs are in their reenlist net window - his ETS is FEB 2015. And he doesn't plan on reenlisting. Should I document this on 4856? If so what verbiage would be appropriate? Thanks in advance!.. Read the Answer»

Who can view a counseling statement once it is completed?

Once a soldier is counseled who can view or receive the counseling form? Can the counseling statement be released to the chain of command for example the Brigade S-1?.. Read the Answer»

I recently got married & I am stationed in Korea, am I enttitled to FSA?

I am stationed in Korea, recently got married and returned to Korea. Just want to know if I am authorized family separation allowance. I put in a pay inquiry months ago and want to know if they will pay me back pay... Read the Answer»

Can I pin on my new rank before showing up to my new unit?

I am currently on PCS leave and made cutoff for SSG. Do I sew the rank on my uniform before signing in to my new duty station or wait until I sign in? I am trying to get a copy of my promotion orders from my previous Battalion, but I am unsure if they are going to get a copy to me before my report date. What is the "Right" thing to do in this situation?.. Read the Answer»