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A National Guard Soldier had decided to take a voluntary reduction in grade to avoid deployment how should I counsel them?

A newly promoted E-5 in the National Guard, has decided to take a voluntary reduction of rank and switch units so he does not have to deploy. How do I write a counseling for this Soldier?.. Read the Answer»

Is this illegal for another doctor to change my profile without seeing me?

I have a unique dilemma I need help with. I just had major knee surgery and my doctor stated I will need 6 to 9 months of recovery before I am fully healed. My doctor gave me a profile on 8 January which expires in April. Now I had another doctor from another clinic from another base change my profile without ever evaluating at all. Is this illegal for another doctor to do this and what you suggest I do? I am considering filing an IG complaint against this doctor.. Read the Answer»

Does an Article 15 count as a felony?

Do article 15's count as felonies?.. Read the Answer»

My rater says my APFT is requirement on my evaluation report…is this true?

TOP I have a hot one for you! Does my APFT score have to be put on the NCOER?.. Read the Answer»

Who should counsel my Soldier if they are sent to another section?

My Soldier is currently working in another section. Should I still counsel him? Or does that section NCOIC conduct the counseling?.. Read the Answer»

Can A Retired Soldier Give Me An Order?

Can a retired Soldier use his previous rank on active duty Soldiers? I had a retired SFC pull out his retiree ID card and try to order fix my uniform. Can he do that?. .. Read the Answer»

Is there a DA Form 4187 “Threat for Life” that will allow me to PCS quickly to get away from an abusive spouse?

Is there a 4187 that will allow me to move within 90 days, called Threat for Life? Husband and I are active duty and divorcing. He's been extremely violent in the past... Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command or Leader force me to do Self Development?

Can a Soldier be forced to do self development by their leadership?.. Read the Answer»

What is the BEST NCO GIFT for Going Aways, Hail and Farewells?

I just recently changed over a change of command. My 1SG was my backbone and made me successful. I am looking for outgoing commander/1SG traditions/gift and I am unsuccessful in finding something that goes inline with some military tradition. I want to do something special and/or traditional... or I'll start one, but looking for something fun/meaningful to show my appreciation that is done from the outgoing Commander to the First Sergeant. Can someone help me out?.. Read the Answer»

Can my previous APFT and Weight Control Failures be used against me from my previous unit?

Can a Soldier's past APFT failures in a different company ( same battalion) be used against them with the new company. Also same question for weight and tape failures... Read the Answer»

Is my NCOER valid if it took 14 months for the rating chain to sign the report?

I'm having difficulty finding regulatory guidance pertaining to time limitations for signatures on a NCOER. Specific example: Rater and Senior Rater sign a Relief for Cause in November 2012. The Reviewer didn't sign until January 2014. Yes, over 14 months later. Is this NCOER valid? In what regulation can I find this? Thanks!.. Read the Answer»

Can a leader without permission to search look through my windows at my home without my permission…basically spying on me?

Here is the short version: Soldier was released from work to go snowboarding. Decided to stay home with pregnant wife and made up an excuse that he was taking the spouse to the doctor when really he was just staying home with her as she is on bed rest. An NCO came to his on post housing and looked through his windows without notifying the Soldier he was there. The NCO then called the Soldier and the Soldier told him he was at the hospital. When confronted about it the Soldier admitted to what he did but raised the concern about a violation of his, his wife's, and his 1 year old sons privacy. 3 weeks later he was counseled the only thing the counseling said was he lied to NCOsand when questioned he admitted. He was also flagged but never counseled for the flag or given a copy of the DA 268 ( removal of favorable action request) the question is. Is this soldiers rights being violated... Read the Answer»