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How does a deactivation ceremoy work? Who Does What?

Is there a deactivation ceremony for one of our Units. Does the actual unit host the ceremony or does their higher command host it? and what is the guidance on that?.. Read the Answer»

I am a geographical bachelor but my duty station will not allow me to live in the barracks, What can I do?in separate locations,

I am a married Soldier whose spouse/dependents do not reside with me. I am currently stationed at Fort Drum but my spouse and children live in NYC. At my previous duty station geographic bachelor living arrangements were available. At my current station they are only available for SSG and above. I have spoken with the garrison CSM and he stated I must find my own place to live. According to regulations BAH is solely for my dependents and without my BAH I am unable to afford a place to live by myself. What are my options? Is there anyway to change my BAH rate to the NYC rate?.. Read the Answer»

Can courses that do not issue a DA FORM1059 be placed on my Evaluation Report (NCOER)?

Can troop school classes such as Unit Movement Operator Course, Generator Operator Course be placed on the NCOER if a 1059 is not issued?.. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command deny me the ability to take my EFMP child to appointments if we are dual military?

Can I be denied the ability to tak my children to DRs appts when they are EFMP and we are dual military? Is it a regulation?.. Read the Answer»

Soldier failed to show up for an after hours formation, what can I write him up for?

Our unit had a recall formation at 1720 and everyone had to be at formation no later than 1800. I had a soldier show up at 2100. His excuse was he was off post and didn't have a ride. What can I write him up for? He is already pending an Article 15?.. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command refuse to give me copies of counseling statements?

My chain of command will not let me make copies of counseling statements inside of my counseling packet because they have already given me one copy I would like to make additional copies because I am missing a few and would like to start fresh that way I know I have everything I need. Are they allowed to do this ?.. Read the Answer»

What actions can be taken if a Soldier refuses to answer their phone or respond to messages after duty hours?

TOP- I have an active duty Soldier that can never be reached after normal duty hours. When the Solider is needed sometimes, he/she never answers the phone and will come in the following normal duty day saying he/she didn't get the message. What regulation or policy does this fall under?.. Read the Answer»

Is there a standardize font to use in Army Writing?

When writing a counseling statement, does it matter if the font is different in each section? If so, is there an AR or FM or something in writing that statement about the font on writing a counseling.. Read the Answer»

Does the CSM have to review all NCOERs in a unit?

Top, does the CSM have to check all NCOERs in the unit before they go forward?.. Read the Answer»

Can an Article 15 proceeding be conducted in front of a formation?

Having a dispute with higher NCOs, can a Article 15 be presented to the SM during a company formation in front of the SM's peers? Is there regulations that protects the SM? I believe this is wrong to do and two, something like this needs to be done behind closed doors with the SM's squad/platoon leaders and/or 1SG/CO... Read the Answer»

Can I be forced to take the APFT while in the IDES (formally MEB) process?

I'm currently in the IDES (formerly MEB) process, waiting on my percentages. I have a Leader who is intent on making me take an APFT, however, according to my profile I can only take the swim event according to my P3. Can I take a record with only one event? I'm not even supposed to do the swim, it was an error on the clinic's part but I never questioned it because I was told we don't have the facilities to do the swim... Read the Answer»

Can my Commander choose to keep me on the Promotion List if I am in the Overweight Program?

I failed tape and asked the Commander for a retape that was declined. I got off the ABCP three weeks later having met tape. 6 months later, I am told that the flag was never put through and I was counseled by my 1SG for removal from the promotion list. I read that is is waiverable by the commander and discussed it with my CO and he chose to still removed me from the promotion list. Is this a legal move? What are the recourses for this action? I am following up with legal but I reach RCP in 6 months and have training (ALC) in between allowing me to only go to one board before the training and have only one chance after the training to get my (P) back before I RCP... Read the Answer»