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What Does it Mean to Have a Flag Removed Unfavorably?

For RC and TPU Soldiers that Have Failed the APFT Does the Word “Exempt” from the 8 Month Rule Mean I Can be Ordered to take a Record APFT Every Month?

When reading 350-1 for APFT it states"Soldiers in RC TPUs will take the APFT once each calendar year. A minimum of 8 months will separate record tests with no more than 14 months between record tests. Soldiers that require makeup testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 8-month rule" Does exempt from the 8 month rule mean you can be ordered to do a record every month? .. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be Placed on the Duty Roster if they have an Approved Pass?

I have a soldier that had his pass submitted 2 weeks ago and approved last week. Now, 3 days before his pass starts, he is being told he has to pull duty over the weekend. His flight fares and hotel are non refundable. Can he be required to pull duty with an approved pass?.. Read the Answer»

What Can I Do if a Soldier is Disruptive Towards Neighbors Off Post?

I'm not sure if you can help me, but maybe you can steer me in the right direction. My parents are living next door to a military person who lives off post. The sheriff has been called numerous times by neighbors as well as my parents with several concerns. Is there anything the military can do to provide support to the neighbors? .. Read the Answer»

Can I be given a Blood Test or Breathalyzer Test If I was not scheduled for Duty?

Top, I was not scheduled for duty but the unit called an alert and I was intoxicated. Can they legal take my blood or require me to take a blood test or Breathalyzer test...if I was not for duty... Read the Answer»

Should an NCO be processed for Separation for a Positive Urine analysis?

If multiple Soldiers pop hot on a UA one is a E-4 and one is a E-6 and the E-4 gets in trouble but the E-6 doesn't because its his first incident at the unit pretty much swept the issue under the rug. Isn't there some way to call corruption in the command? or anything that can be done about this issue? .. Read the Answer»

Can a 1SG, CSM, or SGM Provide Input Into My Evaluation Report Even If They Are Not In My Rating Chain?

Is there anywhere in the regulations that give the 1SG the authority for input on an evaluation even if they are not in the rating chain? if so where can I find it this information?.. Read the Answer»

What are the Requirements for a Battlefield Promotions?

Is there a new SOP for battlefield promotions? Also what exactly are the requirements for it? Finally do the special operations support elements have a different process for these things? .. Read the Answer»

As Caregivers Can We Decide to Terminate Our End of the Family Care Plan?

My husband and I are caring for our daughter's children. She is divorced and is due to be deployed. Custody has not been settled in court. We feel our daughter needs to come home and take care of her children and the custody issues. She got in the Army, now we have the mess. Are we able to terminate a Family Care Plan?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be Reduced in Grade for Something I Said During a Unit Football Game?

Can my 1SG/Commander reduce me in grade during a football game. because they did not like I a statement I had made? Specifically I stated the commander of the other unit needed to follow the rules and not allow her team to break the rules... Read the Answer»

My Soldier says I can’t counsel her by email- Is this correct?

Top, does e-mail couseling count in terms of valid and official professional counseling, despite that it is not hand written or typed on a DA 4856 AUG 2010? I have an E-6 disputing that an e-mail to her with detailed counseling is not counseling because the regulation states that a 4856 is used. Please advise... Read the Answer»

Can an Enlisted Soldier have another Enlisted Soldier as a Roommate?

Can an Enlisted Soldier have another Enlisted Soldier as a Roommate?.. Read the Answer»