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What action is taken when a Soldier marks disagree and provides a rebuttal statement?

Can a Soldier flagged for over weight be deployed?

I was in a motorcycle accident and my chain of command directed that I perform over 100 hours of riding mentorship before I can use my cycle again by myself. However no one will mentor me. What can I do?

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I have refused to get vaccinated for religious reasons. I am being told I will receive a dishonorable discharge. Is this true?

I have a Soldier that arrived at the unit and the BN will not let the Soldier take PTDY for house hunting but they allow everyone else to do it. What can I do as the commander?

I recently received an Article 15 and I am due to ETS in 2 months but my unit wants to chapter me. Can they do this?

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I am in the Guard and have received several adverse counseling statements. I plan to go on Active Duty soon. Will these counseling session be part of my official record?

My rater was relieved but had prepared my evaluation report prior to the relief. They cannot rate me what is the proper procedure? Does the chain of command have the option to replace the rating chain?

If I receive quarters for 24 hours when am I required to report to work?

This response is provided based on the information you shared and should not be used as the sole source for making a decision. You should seek guidance from the chain of command, IG, JAG or other certified agencies before making …Read More

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Can I be punished for failing to meet a unit standard if I am meeting all Army requirements?

My chain of command frequently puts out information after 2000 hours is there anything I can do to get them to do it during formation or a reasonable hour?

Can I be forced to rate a Soldier when I was not their rater?