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Can my unit revoke my EOD badge?

Hey, my chain of command is threatening to revoke my EOD badge. Can they really do that?.. Read the Answer»

Why do awards get downgraded?

I just got my end of tour award back and it was downgraded from an ARCOM to an AAM. It's not fair. What can I do?.. Read the Answer»

What do I do when an NCO Declines NCOES?

I have an NCO who declined to go to an NCOES school. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Why was I not recommended for promotion?

Recently I was not recommended for promotion by my commander. What should happen now?.. Read the Answer»

Why did they disapprove my promotion packet?

I don't understand what is happening. My promotion packet was disapproved. What do I do? How do I fix this?.. Read the Answer»

How do I counsel a Soldier who failed his promotion board?

One of my Soldiers failed his promotion board. What kinds of things do I need to put on his counseling statement?.. Read the Answer»

Must I counsel my Soldier for failing his promotion board?

Does the reg say I have to counsel my Soldier who just failed his promotion board?.. Read the Answer»

Don’t I have to be counseled if they don’t let me go to the board?

They are not sending me to the E-5/E-6 board. I'm not even sure why this is happening. Don't they have to counsel me?.. Read the Answer»

What are the promotion counseling requirements?

What are the promotion counseling requirements PVT-SSG?.. Read the Answer»

What is nonpromotable status?

What does the term nonpromotable status mean? What specifically makes someone nonpromotable?.. Read the Answer»

Can an NCO take command of a unit?

Can an NCO be appointed as the commander of a unit? I thought you had to have a commission to hold this type of role... Read the Answer»

Can my commander require me to speak English while on duty?

Like half of my squad, I am a native Spanish speaker. I came into the shop yesterday and found a memo on my desk that said we aren't allowed to speak Spanish while on duty. This seems stupid to me. Can my chain of command really do this? I don't even get why they care... Read the Answer»