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Can my unit announce policy chances via Text msg and can I be held accountable for a policy change I was not aware of?

Planning a Major Inspection – Don’t Work Late

How to develop teamwork, build and grow your team in ways you never thought possible. One event can change how your unit operates going forward

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Can I Be Forced to Sign a Sworn Statement?

Can I Be Forced to Sign a Sworn Statement?.. Read the Answer»

The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership
The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

Personality Conflicts – Pick the Battles Worth Fighting

The following is an extract from the book Move Out The Insider’s Guide for Military Leaders Just as military units avoid committing their forces to diversionary attacks and feints, leaders must be alert to being drawn into minor skirmishes that …Read More

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What regulation prevents the use of foul language in the work place.

Foul language or (Indecent Language) can be charged under the Military Manual for Courts Martial. 104 Article 134, page IV148. It states in part. c. Explanation. Indecent language is that which is grossly offensive to modesty, decency, or propriety, or …Read More

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Are You Venting or Do You Want Me to Do Something?

How do you handle it when a Soldier approaches you and wants to talk? Do you listen? Are you involved with other issues and don’t have time? Do you have conflicting priorities and half way pay attention? How do you …Read More

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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership
The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

Army verbal counseling

Verbal Counseling Guidelines Normally when we think of counseling we think in terms of a written counseling form.  Believe it or not you counsel Soldiers every day.  A formal verbal counseling could be as simple as calling a Soldier in …Read More

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Bullied by Supervisor – What Can I Do?

Don’t Get Discouraged: first do not to get discouraged. The great part about the military is someone is always rotating to a new position.  The sergeant will rotate to another unit, typical tours overseas are 3 years.  The sergeant may …Read More

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Can my unit force Soldier to make or provide cookies for a Unit Organziational Day?

I just received an email containing an OPORD for a Battalion Org Day. My shop was tasked with providing cookies for the entire Battalion (over 700 PAX). Can my leadership do this? I was under the impression that units cannot require soldiers to expend funds for these types of events. They may WANT us to provide cookies but can they MAKE me provide cookies? Thank you .. Read the Answer»

Can My Unit Stop Me From Attending BLC?

I Am an E4(P) and my section NCOIC counseled me, stating he will not send me to BLC because my wife is currently being investigated by civilian Child protective services. I am not being investigated nor am I flagged. Otherwise I am fully promotable. If I had gone to BLC I would have made points this month. What can I do? Is he doing anything wrong? Advice?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Commander deny off post privileges while allowing MWR privileges for Soldiers in a Training (AIT) Status?

Can the commander prevent Soldiers in a training status from leaving the installation but allow them the privilege of using on post MWR facilities? Is this an unfair practice? Some AIT units are never allowed “off-post” while others are allowed off post... Read the Answer»

I’m worried about a fmaily member. He seems very depressed. His sergeant doesn’t seem to be professional. He states the sergeant is very rude. He was doing at his previous duty station and seemed to like it alot. I’m really worried about his state of mind. Is there anything that can be done?.. Read the Answer»