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Bullied by Supervisor – What Can I Do?

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Don’t Get Discouraged: first do not to get discouraged. The great part about the military is someone is always rotating to a new position.  The sergeant will rotate to another unit, typical tours overseas are 3 years.  The sergeant may only have a few months left.  Your son might be selected for another job within the unit or be reassigned to another squad or platoon within the unit.

Army Regulation on Bullying: Army Regulation AR 600-20 specially prohibits abuse, hazing, harassing, and bullying of Soldiers.  Is States:  Extract of Army Regulation 600-20 on Bullying: Paragraph 4–19. Treatment of persons The Army is a values-based organization where everyone is expected to do what is right by treating all persons as they should be treated – with dignity and respect. Hazing, bullying, and other behaviors that undermine dignity and respect are fundamentally in opposition to our values and are prohibited. This paragraph is punitive. Soldiers who violate this policy may be subject to punishment under the UCMJ. Whether or not certain acts specifically violate the provisions of this paragraph, they may be inappropriate or violate relevant civilian personnel guidance. Commanders must seek the advice and counsel of their legal advisor when taking actions pursuant to this paragraph. a. Definition.

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