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Do I lose my promotable status when I am flagged?

I failed a for-record PT test in June and I was flagged. The also took my "P" away at that time. My 4856 says "...this means you are not fully eligible for favorable actions like awards, promotions, and attendance to any schools (WLC). However, this is not permanent and this flag will be lifted if you remain dedicated and determined to improve your overall level of fitness." I have searched through AR350-1, AR600-8-19, and AR600-8-2. Nothing in those regs say that I will have my promotable status revoked for APFT failure. Once i found this flaw I noticed that I would have made cutoff for AUG, but I was flagged. All I had to do was remove the flag and my date of rank would be the day that I had the flag removed. My CoC are saying that they will not enstate promotable status my even though they took it away illeaglly. What should i do?

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Greetings from Afghanistan!

When a Soldier incurrs a flag, the system automatically removes them from the Promotion Standing List. This is because they are placed in a nonpromotable status IAW AR 600-8-19, Par 1-10a(10).

HRC has published a FAQ in regards to flagged Soldiers and removal form the Pormotion Standlist List. It is as follows:

Question: Are Soldiers who are flagged automatically removed from the E5/E6 promotion standing list?

Answer: Yes. If a Soldier is flagged the PPW system will remove the Soldier from the promotion standing list and place the Soldier into a NOT Eligible status.

If the Soldier is flagged for adverse action and receives a summarized Article 15 or is exonerated from the initial flag, the BDE/BN S1 will re-integrate the Soldier back onto the promotion standing list. To re-integrate the Soldier follow the steps in the PPW user manual on pages 12-17.

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  • Anonymous


    I was a CPL that made the cutoff for SGT but was flagged the day before my effective promotion for adverse action. I received a guilty summarized article 15 so I know that my promotion to E5 would be canceled, but does that make me a SPC? They said that by me receiving the summarized article 15 I lost my promotable status. There was no punishment, but they said I’m suspended for two months.

    • Mark Gerecht


      My apologies for the delayed response. Generally, the commander will create a 4187 revoking your corporal status if they choose to do so. Otherwise your CPL status will remain in tact. On another note please stop by our YOUTUBE CHANNEL Mentor Military as it has tons of information on these type subjects and much more. If you like what you see please subscribe and tell your network. Respectfully TOP!

  • Gt Gal


    Who do I contact at HRC to remove a FA. Code from my ERB. The flag was placed to remove my name from the school list.

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