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If I took a course similar to the Warrior Leaders Course in another branch, can I get credit for WLC?

As a Marine, I attended the Corporal's Leadership Course. Is this equivalent to WLC?

Per AR 600-8-19, Para 7-4a, the following courses are considered primary level courses. Any of these courses can be credited as WLC:
  1. AC  – or RC – WLC or TATS-C WLC
  2. AC – or RC – Primarcy Leadership Course
  3. RC – Primary NCO Course/Basic NCO Course (prior to 1985)
  4. USMC NCO Course
  5. USMC NCO Basic Course
  6. USMC Leadership Course or USMC NCO Leadership
  7. USMC Staff NCO Advance Course (taught at Quantico, VA only)
  8. USMC Resident Staff NCO Career Course (taught at Quantico, VA only)
  9. USMC Infantry Squad Leader Courses (taught at Camp Pendleton only). The Squad Leader Courses taught at Marine Corp Divisions do not meet WLC POI equivalency requirements
  10. USMC Sergeants Course
  11. RC BNCOC (must have completed all phases) or RC ANCOC (Phase 1, Common Core)
  12. OCS (AC/RC any service)
  13. Officer Basic Course (from any service)
  14. Officer Advanced Course (any service)
  15. CAS3 (or equivalent course from any service)
  16. Command and General Staff Officer’s Course (or equivalent course from any service)
  17. ROTC Advanced Camp (any service)
  18. WOCS (AC/RC Army or USMC WOCS)
The USMC Corporal’s Leadership Course is not included on this list for WLC equivalency.
WLC equivalency credit is not automatic. The Soldier must submit a request through his Unit S1 to the NCOES Branch for approval.

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MacArthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo is an Active Duty First Sergeant and has served in the Army for 15 years to date with 9 years of service as a Human Resources Specialist. Currently, he serves as the First Sergeant for Hammer Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 2d Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA. Mackie has served in Korea, Ft. Carson, CO, Schofield Barracks, HI, twice in Afghanistan, and twice in Iraq accumulating over 59 months of overseas service. He believes that the "personnel" aspect of a Soldier's career is a big factor in their morale and readiness and is determined to assist Soldiers in their professional development by providing sound advice and clarification of ongoing policies, regulations, and procedures.

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  • Marine Infantry


    I was a infantry Marine for 5 years before I switched over to the US Army. I attended Advanced Infantryman Course the cycle after they switched the name from Infantry Squad Leaders Course. The course kept the same criteria and classes. Is there any information on this course counting towards BLC?

    • Mackie


      AR 600-8-19 has not been updated to reflect the change from Infantry Squad Leaders Course to Advanced Infantryman Course. The best course of action would be to send an inquiry to HRC Junior Enlisted Promotions Branch at USARMY.KNOX.HRC.MBX.TAGD-jr-Enlisted-Promotions@mail.mil and request for an assessment of your evaluation report/graduation certificate. It is possible that they refer you to the NCOES Branch but it’s worth a try contacting them first.

      I hope this helps. -Mackie

      • Marine Infantry


        Thank you for your assistance.

  • SSG Jay Hale


    I completed OCS but was denied my commission due to an error by my state. My question is: Can OCS be a substitute for ALC all phases? Thanks in advance.

    • Mark Gerecht


      SSG Hale,
      I do not know the exact answer to your question but AR 350-1 allows for a Soldier apply for course credit and or completion. See AR 350-1 para 3-25a(3)
      3–25. Documentation of course/training completion
      The primary source for course completion documentation for the Army is ATRRS. All course completion documentation will be completed in ATRRS and will conform to the timelines established in AR 350–10. Documentation of course/training completion, other than for pre-commissioning training where AR 145–1 prescribes policy, will be governed as follows:
      a.(3) Certificates of equivalent knowledge may be issued, at the discretion of the appropriate school commandant or commander, when the required level of knowledge has been demonstrated based on tests or other appropriate means.

      So you would need to see what was taught in OCS and how it crosswalks with ALC. Then put together documentation that shows how OCS fills the requirement for ALC. Then you would need to submit this information for approval.

      Before doing this I would encourage you to check with your state to see if there is any way the can support you or if there are any state specific regulations that can support your claim.

      Did you find this information useful? I would appreciate your feedback!

  • gentry oberman


    It say infantry squad leader course. I was a Marine does infantry machine gun leaders course fall under that??

  • Nicole morales


    I need to now if there is an example of a completed deform 4187 to receive credit for Marine Sgt Course for WLC.

  • Mac Arthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo


    SGT McNulty,

    Where did you find that the Squad Leaders Course is valid for promotion points? I do not see it in the course listing of resident school valid for promotion points.

    Courses can be considered for inclusion onto the list. Here is what HRC Promotions Branch has to say in regards to adding courses valid for points:

    “Remember that codes will not be created for all courses – it is suggested that you first consult with the proponent of the course before submitting a request.”

    “Resident courses must be administered IAW AR 350-1, 1 week/40 hours or longer and TRADOC-approved to be considered. To request a new code for qualifying military school training that is not listed in the database, print a copy of the ATRRS course information (course name, course number from the ATRRS Course Catalog https://www.atrrs.army.mil/atrrscc/ ) and submit to your local PAS Chief (BCT/MPD) and ask them to submit a trouble ticket to the AHRS eMILPO Help Desk.”

    • SGT McNulty


      I guess I need to clarify. I am a prior Service Marine and attened Infantry Platoon Sergeant Course(8 WKS) at 1ST Marine Division School OF Infantry(SOI). According to what I have researched it does not confert over to WLC; hower Infantry Squad Leaders Course does. This doesnt make sense to me. The requirement to attend the Squad leaders course is E-3 to E-4 and serving as a Squad leader. The requirments to attend the Infantry Platoon Sergeants course is E-5 to E-6 and serving as a Platoon Sergeant. As an E-5 in the Marines I was Sqaud leader then moved to Platoon Sergeant but when I switched to the National Guard I am being informed that non of my NCO schools/training applies. I completed the USMC NCO non-resident course and the Infantry Platoon Sergeant Course and neither cross over. I really think that TRADOC should examine the prerqusites for a course before the give credit for it. Not sure if you can help or if you know who else I might be able to address this to. I have already sbmitted all of my documents and it was denied at least that is what my readiness NCO explained to me years ago when I first enlisted.

      • SGT NICK


        Just go to WLC its really a cakewalk, they wont stop harrassing you until you go.

  • Sgt McNulty


    I was just wondering why the Army accepts the squad leaders course but not the infantry unit leaders course. To go to squad leaders course you only have to be an E-3, but do go to the unit leaders course you have to be at least E-5 promotable and holding an E-6 slot. This has never made any since to me…..hoping you can help, I believe the Army should do a little more research on what the allow and waht they dont.

  • Mac Arthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo


    AR 600-8-19 covers WLC equivalency. A request must be submitted to the NCOES Branch for approval. Documentations required are listed below:

    1. DA Form 4187
    2. DD 214
    3. Certificate of Training
    4. ERB

    Requests must be e-mailed to the NCOES Branch at hrc.epmd.ncoesoperations@conus.army.mil.

    • Jeremy Griffin


      From what I can tell, Marine Corps Corporals Course is NOT equivalent and will NOT transfer. Can a waiver be submitted from a Battalion Commander requesting waiver?

      • Mac Arthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo


        You are correct, the Marine Corps Corporals Course is not equivalent to WLC. You can try requesting a waiver however based on experience (as I’ve seen it done before), it will not get approved. The regulation is clear on this.

  • Franco Santana


    Hello, I have a soldier who attended the SGT’s Course in the Marines, and I am trying to find out what army regulation covers the equivalncy for WLC. thank you.

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