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Army Regulations

Conducting an Initial NCOER/OER Evaluation Counseling

Prior to the Initial Counseling Raters, should be well prepared to execute an initial counseling session. This tells the rated Soldier you care about them and will provide them with every opportunity to succeed. Preparation helps establish credibility with the …Read More

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AR 95-30 Participation in a Military or Civil Aircraft Accident Safety Investigation

This instruction provides for military participation in certain NTSB aircraft mishap investigations, NTSB or FAA participation in certain military aircraft mishap investigations, and the release of certain military aircraft mishap safety investigation information to the NTSB and the FAA. It …Read More

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AR 95-20 Contractor’s Flight and Ground Operations

This Instruction establishes requirements for flight and ground operations involving all contracted work performed on aircraft where this Instruction is incorporated as a contract requirement, as well as procedures to be followed by Government Flight Representatives. It also establishes policy …Read More

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AR 95-10 Department of Defense Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) System

The Air Force is the single manager of the DoD NOTAM System. The DoD NOTAM System disseminates information to aircrews and flight operations personnel regarding the establishment, condition, or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard of which …Read More

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AR 740-3 Stock Readiness

This Joint Service Instruction prescribes instructions for care of supplies, including the inspection and reporting of condition and serviceability of materiel, and the scheduling, controlling, and reporting of packaging and other cost reimbursable actions in support of depot receiving operations, and …Read More

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AR 70-77 Program Protection

This regulation assigns responsibilities and prescribes policies for developing plans to protect critical program information, conducting supply-chain risk management, and performing damage assessment activities resulting from a compromise of unclassified program information. It provides a disciplined approach for managing the …Read More

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AR 70-76 Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System

The policies established in this regulation constitute a management system for the Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System. The objectives of the management system are to ensure that the JETDAS is properly administered and controlled; serves as a viable tool …Read More

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AR 70-50 Designating and Naming Defense Military Aerospace Vehicles

This regulation establishes guidance and procedures for requesting a Mission Design Series designator and/or an MDS popular name for military aerospace vehicles. All requested and approved MDS designators will adhere to the DoD designator reporting system established in 1961 to …Read More

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AR 700-68 Storage and Handling of Liquefied and Gaseous Compressed Gasses and Their Full and Empty Cylinders

Prescribes procedures and responsibilities for the receipt, storage, use, inspection, transportation, and handling of compressed gases and their cylinders for all DoD components, installations and activities. These procedures are designed to assure optimum use of both the gases and the …Read More

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AR 700-37 Packaging of Army Materiel

This regulation provides policy and defines responsibilities for the packaging of supplies and equipment within the Army. Detailed procedural guidance is contained in DA Pam 700–32. Packaging of stocked, stored, and shipped Army used, Army-owned, and Army-managed materiel will conform …Read More

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AR 700-146 Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program

This regulation sets the policy and responsibilities for the proper management of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear individual protective equipment, under the Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program. IPE consists of mask filters, vapor and/or liquid chemical detector kits, individual equipment …Read More

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AR 700-145 Item Unique Identification

This regulation prescribes the policy for item unique identification in the Army. IUID facilitates information sharing between users at all levels within a net-centric environment by establishing a unique identity for materiel (including components) that require unique item traceability or …Read More

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