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AR 95-10 Department of Defense Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) System

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The Air Force is the single manager of the DoD NOTAM System. The DoD NOTAM System disseminates information to aircrews and flight operations personnel regarding the establishment, condition, or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard of which the timely knowledge may be critical to safe DoD flight operations. It also provides DoD agencies the capability to create NOTAMs via the Internet. The Defense Internet NOTAM Service is the only authorized site for DoD NOTAM creation and retrieval. The DoD NOTAM Cell is located at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center in Warrenton, VA. It is responsible for overall management of the DoD NOTAM System. The DoD NOTAM Cell represents the services in all NOTAM related issues.

NOTE: AR 95-10 is a Joint Service Instruction and is also AFI 11-208, and OPNAVINST 3721.20D (The true file name when downloaded is r95_10_afi11-208_ip.pdf)


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