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AR 70-50 Designating and Naming Defense Military Aerospace Vehicles

The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

This regulation establishes guidance and procedures for requesting a Mission Design Series designator and/or an MDS popular name for military aerospace vehicles. All requested and approved MDS designators will adhere to the DoD designator reporting system established in 1961 to standardize identification of military aerospace vehicles. This system uses letters and numbers to symbolize identifying characteristics of military aerospace vehicles of direct interest to the DoD. All requested and approved MDS popular names will be suitable, in accordance with Air Force standards and values, for public release and not violate registered brand names, trademarks, or otherwise infringe upon copyright laws.

NOTE: AR 70-50 is a joint regulation. It is also AFI 16-401 and NAVAIRINST 13100.16 (The true file name when downloaded is r70_50_afi16-401.pdf)


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