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Pick your battles

Just as military units avoid committing their forces to diversionary attacks and feints, leaders must be alert to being drawn into minor skirmishes that sap their strength and divert valuable assets from the mission. On an individual level, personality conflicts …Read More

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Bringing disgruntled Soldiers back into the team

When you are confronted by a soldier determined to butt heads with you and resist your efforts to get him or her to do their job and meet the standards, it is extremely frustrating. While you might have enough to …Read More

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How should I react when my supervisor makes sexist remarks?

How would you react if your first line leader, upon meeting you for the first time said, "Oh, great another female, I was hoping for a male.".. Read the Answer»

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Give them an inch and some Soldiers will take a mile

While most soldiers want to do a good job, there are a few who decide they don’t have to do what you tell them. For them, jerking the boss around when they get corrected is their idea of entertainment. In many cases, …Read More

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Taking the Venom out of Toxic Leadership

Bullying is counter to military values and teamwork. Yet, it is frequently a fact of life in the military. In part, this is because rank gives bullies power over people they outrank. In addition, yelling at people and getting in …Read More

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Get promoted in the Army by standing out from the crowd

When you first come into the service, getting promoted seems easy. You do your job, and when you have enough time in service, you make E-2, then E-3. But sooner or later, it seems that you get stalled out. Your …Read More

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How to survive a Weasel Boss

The most obvious sign of the weasel boss is that he is untrustworthy, especially with the people who work for him. The weasel is looking out for himself and cares little about anyone else, unless he thinks they can help …Read More

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Is it flirting or sexual harassment?

Flirting is part of human nature and is not in and of itself sexual harassment. Men flirt and women flirt. If someone flirts with you and you respond by flirting back, it is a two-way street and not sexual harassment. …Read More

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Never let them see you cry

Perhaps the most difficult skill to learn as a woman soldier is not to cry when angry or frustrated. Men see crying as weakness or lack of emotional stability. From a woman’s perspective, it is neither.

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