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Military Women

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How should I react when my supervisor makes sexist remarks?

How would you react if your first line leader, upon meeting you for the first time said, "Oh, great another female, I was hoping for a male.".. Read the Answer»

Should I have a third party present when counseling a female?

What are the requirements, if any, to have a third person present when conducting counseling behind closed doors with a Soldier of the opposite sex?.. Read the Answer»

How do I help a private who may be pregnant?

I have a PVT on her first duty assignment, first time away from home. She just came to me thinking she is pregnant. She is really upset and the guy wants nothing to do with her. How do you handle this... there is so much going on in this situation!.. Read the Answer»

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How to make a sexual harassment complaint in the Army

Recently we received a request regarding a case of alleged sexual harassment. The Soldier wanted to know what was the best way to report the issue. Unfortunately there is no cut and dry, right or wrong approach. Each issue is a little …Read More

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Is it flirting or sexual harassment?

Flirting is part of human nature and is not in and of itself sexual harassment. Men flirt and women flirt. If someone flirts with you and you respond by flirting back, it is a two-way street and not sexual harassment. …Read More

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Never let them see you cry

Perhaps the most difficult skill to learn as a woman soldier is not to cry when angry or frustrated. Men see crying as weakness or lack of emotional stability. From a woman’s perspective, it is neither.

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