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How should I react when my supervisor makes sexist remarks?

How would you react if your first line leader, upon meeting you for the first time said, "Oh, great another female, I was hoping for a male."

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From my perspective, this statement says more about the man who said it, than about women soldiers. If this were said to me, I’d just give him a straight, hard, no expression look. For now, be the best soldier you can be. Give this leader a chance to appreciate your ability as a soldier and a valuable member of his team.

In the meantime, don’t waste your energy dwelling on this single statement. Sometimes people say stupid things without thinking. To be successful as a soldier, you can’t take isolated incidents like this too personally. Move out and prove to him that you are a superb soldier. Let your performance prove his initial statement wrong.

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  • Part-Time-Commander


    I might tolerate it the first time, but if it happened again I would have a heart to heart talk with my supervisor (in a professional way). If it happened a third time I would bring it to my chain of command.

    Great article.


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