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Does an E-5 Reduced to E-4 Get a Relief for Cause or Change of Rater?

TOP, I have an NCO that was given a Field Grade and reduced to SPC. I want to give him a Change of Rater because I believe he was and could be a good NCO again. My leadership is stating I must give him a Relief for Cause. I understand he made a mistake and his punishment was warranted and he was never "relieved' him from his position. Can I be forced to write a Relief for Cause NCOER when I don't agree with it?.. Read the Answer»

Can my CSM change a rating on an evaluation report if he/she is not in the rating chain?

TOP HELP! Our Battalion CSM is changing the rating on NCOERs. Usually lowering ratings from "Excellence" to "Success". Is this Legal? Can he do this? What action can I take?.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive a relief for cause because I am going through a family issue?

I belong to a special unit and about a month ago I asked a senior leader help me redeploy to a location I have been to before. Now I am experiencing some family issues. The senior leader went off, I even asked if I could deploy to another location to allow me time to fix the family issues. I was told my career was over and I would never have a leadership position again and that I would receive a relief for cause report. Can they do that?.. Read the Answer»

Does the CSM have to review all NCOERs in a unit?

Top, does the CSM have to check all NCOERs in the unit before they go forward?.. Read the Answer»

Is it standard policy for an NCO to prepare/write his/her own NCOER?

Is it standard policy for an NCO to prepare/write his/her own NCOER?.. Read the Answer»

My rater says my APFT is requirement on my evaluation report…is this true?

TOP I have a hot one for you! Does my APFT score have to be put on the NCOER?.. Read the Answer»

Is my NCOER valid if it took 14 months for the rating chain to sign the report?

I'm having difficulty finding regulatory guidance pertaining to time limitations for signatures on a NCOER. Specific example: Rater and Senior Rater sign a Relief for Cause in November 2012. The Reviewer didn't sign until January 2014. Yes, over 14 months later. Is this NCOER valid? In what regulation can I find this? Thanks!.. Read the Answer»

Can awards like the Order of St. Barbara, Samuel Sharpe, Audie Murphy, & SGT Morales be mentioned on your evaluation report?

I was awarded the Ancient Order of Saint Barbara. I was wondering if my rater is allowed to include that achievement on my NCOER. I have heard multiple Senior NCOs, including my current 1SG saying that it can't be included... Read the Answer»

Can the Unit Administrator be my rater?

Can the UA be my rater? I have been told that only my senior enlisted or my 1SG can be my rater on NCOER... Read the Answer»

How should I respond when a leader wants me to give them copies of past evaluation reports?

I just met my CSM roughly 35 days after reporting to my new unit (and he was in his civilian capacity) he told me he needs to see my last five NCOER's. His reasoning was he wanted to make sure that NCO's reporting to his unit have all their NCOER's in their records with no gaps in rating period, etc. This just does not sit well with me. My question is do I have to give him my last NCOERs... Read the Answer»

I had a leader blow up on me and refuse to sign a counseling statement- How should I handle this?

one of my New NCOS had a blowout with me, when I gave him a counseling for missing our unit FRG meeting. He refused to sign the counseling and told me that the Commander couldn't make FRG meetings mandatory for anybody. He expressed to me, he wouldn't sign any counseling, NCOER checklist, and NCOER coming from me. As his rater, how can I approach this situation... Read the Answer»

Are Senior Raters required to counsel NCO’s on their NCOER?

Am I required to counsel NCOs if I'm their Senior Rater on their NCOER?.. Read the Answer»