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What do I do when a Soldier refuses to sign a counseling statement?

My Soldier in my squad just refused to sign a counseling statement I gave him. I didn't realize they could do that. What do I do?

This is a common problem. Some Soldiers think that refusing to sign a counseling means they will not have to follow the plan of action. Or that they are admitting guilt by signing the document. There are a couple of ways to handle this.

Option 1: Write the phrase “Soldier refused to sign” in the closing section of the form. Date and initial the note.

Option 2: Ask an NCO of equal or higher rank to join the counseling session. Ask the Soldier to sign the form in front of the NCO. If the Soldier refuses, ask the NCO to enter a brief statement in the closing portion of the counseling as a third-party witness. Have the NCO date and sign the note. Example:

I observed PFC Doe refuse to sign this counseling statement. –SGT Mike Dough, 1100hours/5 Nov 10.

Either solution works, but the second option gives you the added credibility of a third-party witness should the Soldier attempt to deny the validity of the session at a later date.

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posted on 04/25/2011 under Q&A
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