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What can I do if my leader used corrective training in an abusive or punishing manner?

CSM, here is the deal. One of my Soldiers is deployed. She told me that she was given a counseling statement because she violated a direct order of not wearing her full PPE while she worked at her post. However neither she or her NCOIC knew that she had to wear such gear. A leader comes by one day after 5 months and spotted her without any PPE. He gave her corrective training, in which the she has to stand in full battle rattle at the entrance to the BN TOC for an hour after shift, making it noticeable to all the Soldiers that she is being corrected. Is this appropriate use of Corrective Training? What can she do about it?

Most excellent question. Based on the information you provided the corrective training could have been a violation of the standards for conducting corrective training.

 Doctrine tells us

a.Must not be used as punishment or appear to be punishment

b.Must relate directly to the observed deficiency

c.Must specifically address the observed deficiency

d.Must be discontinued once the deficiency is corrected

e.Must not be used in place of UCMJ punishment

Experience shows

a.Must provide proper resources to complete the training

b.Must be conducted in a safe environment

c.Must not be ridiculous in nature

Being made to stand in front of the TOC could be perceived as punishment- Now keep in mind I do not have the whole story.

If she was unaware of the standard the question becomes why was she unaware. Did senior leadership fail to inform her? If so the Soldier cannot be held responsible. Unfortunately you cannot unring this bell…. what’s done is done.

She needs to decide how she wants to handle this. It may be better just to let sleeping dogs lie rather than start a pissing contest with the Leader. If there is a polite and professional way to discuss the issue with the leader it might be appropriate but she must ensure she is absolutely professional, factual, and unemotional. It may also be wise to have another leader present that is senior to both individuals. Perhaps a discussion with the unit 1SG or commander might be appropriate. Only the Soldier can make this determination. She may feel belittled or harassed but she needs to put this in perspective and make professional decision on the best way to proceed.

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posted on 02/10/2014 under Q&A
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