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If a Soldier out of AIT/OSUT be flagged for failing their first APFT in their Unit?

Can a soldier be flagged after failing a apft, and the solider just came out of basic training ?.. Read the Answer»

Can the Chain of Command Require a Soldier to go to the Field without TA-50

I'm on the reserves and one of SMs hasn't received any uniforms or TA 50. I'm in the reserves by the way. He's been in the unit several months and hasn't received any gear it's been brought up on multiple occasions that he still hasn't received anything. Now it's time to go to the field. And it's below freezing temps so I advised the SM not to attend because he hasn't been provided the equipment necessary to survive the weather conditions. .. Read the Answer»

Do off Post Law Enforcement Officials Report Issues Involving Soldiers to the Military Police?

Do the civilian police record every crime on their blotter and send it to the closest military posts?.. Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command Force me to Obtain a Family Care Plan?

Top. My situation is a bit unique. My wife recently had reconstructive ankle surgery and is unable to drive for 8-12 weeks. This has caused me to have to drive my child to and from school. Lately my leadership has begun implementing 1700 meetings which cause me to be late to my 1800 deadline of picking my child up. This has caused me to accrue multiple late fees and I’m concerned this may lead to legal action on the schools part. Either way I brought this to my leadership and received the “well you’re the only one affected” and there have been talks about me needing a family care plan. I don’t feel a family care plan is necessary, can they force a family care plan upon me? Also is it legal and ethical for the command to continue tho accrue late fees that are starting to add up? Can I bring this to the attention of IG? Thanks for the help!.. Read the Answer»

I am in AIT with Depression How Can I Get out of the Army?

I am currently at ait but have told my platoon Sargent I want out I have spoken to a counselor and now I have to wait but my depression is getting worse and worse how long does it take if I can get discharged or what other ways can I go about getting out the right way .. Read the Answer»

My award was improperly downgraded; What can I do?

My End of Tour award was downgraded from Bronze Star Medal to Army Commendation Medal with “C” Device. When I looked at the DA Form 638 block Intermediate Authority, it was recommended for Downgrade to ARCOM; however, the Award Approval Authority only checked-off on Approved, which I thought my award is BSM not ARCOM w/C device. I brought this up to my Battalion S1 and it was turned-into the BDE S1 to get fixed. Instead the BDE S1 altered the DA Form 638 to “Downgrade to ARCOM.” I know that is a big NO GO because it’s forging a document. What can I do at this point to get my ward fixed?.. Read the Answer»

If a Physician suggests there is nothing wrong and condition worsens… what should one do?

If a Physician suggests there is nothing wrong and condition worsens… what should one do?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Commander deny off post privileges while allowing MWR privileges for Soldiers in a Training (AIT) Status?

Can the commander prevent Soldiers in a training status from leaving the installation but allow them the privilege of using on post MWR facilities? Is this an unfair practice? Some AIT units are never allowed “off-post” while others are allowed off post... Read the Answer»

If on active duty an you get injured then you return to your National Guard unit do you have to report to IDT weekends while receiving incap pay?

If on active duty an you get injured then you return to your National Guard unit do you have to report to IDT weekends while receiving incap pay ?.. Read the Answer»

If my last NCOER was just tuned in late (change of rater) and my current rating chain is leaving am I due for another change of rater?

I had a change of rater NCOER that was overdue by 4 months and was finally signed a few days ago and sent up. I found out today that my rater will be leaving to go to the sergeant major academy, and my senior rater will be changing units. Since my last NCOER was sent late, do I have to do another NCOER since my current rating chain that is leaving, and the last one was turned in late?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be order to complete mandatory training if I have already completed the training and within tolerance?

Can a BDE or BN Commander require Soldiers to redo online 350-1Mando TRNG (i.e. ATlvl1) if they are in compliance? As in it is annual training and I did it last month. Can they punish the Soldier for not meeting their Arbitrary deadline to do so?.. Read the Answer»

I just reenlisted with a bonus and requested to go to Korea. If I ask for my orders to be deleted will I have to repay my bonus

I recently reenlisted for 6yrs to go to Korea and received a SRB. Shortly after reenlisting I was on orders to deploy. They have me going to a unit I don't want. My branch manager has a different slot for me at a different unit in Korea. The only way to get that slot is to delete my current orders. My report date is July, but I don't reploy until August.If I ask for deletion of my orders will I have repay my bonus?.. Read the Answer»