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When Should I Expect the Results of my Stand by Advisory Board (STAB) Board?

How long does it take to get the results of a STAB? I am being reconsidered for promotion to SFC for FY16 and FY 17 during the FY18 SFC board.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be Counseled for Failing to Cancel an Appointment for the Next Day if the Chain of Command Kept them on Mission Unable to Cancel the Appointment?

Can a soldier be counseled for not canceling an appointment for the following day? One of my soldiers had surgery on her knee and is in physical therapy to bring it back to strength. Our chain of command asked her to cancel her appointment for the following day so she can go to the gas chamber, she was on mission all day from one place to the next and did t have time to call. Can she be counseled for not canceling??.. Read the Answer»

Can soldiers on patrol or in battlefield wear personal electronic devices such as GoPro?

Can soldiers on patrol or in battlefield wear personal electronic devices such as GoPro? My commonsense answer would be no, but you are more better at suited to answer this question given your experience. .. Read the Answer»

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Can a Leader Other Then the One Annotated on the Counseling Form Counsel a Soldier? Is it Legal to do this?

Is it legal to have someone else counsel a soldier other than the one named on the actual counseling statement? I have situation in which I was counseled by a leader however that leader's name did not appear anywhere on the counseling form. For example my squad leader wrote the counseling but my platoon sergeant gave me the counseling actual counseling session... Read the Answer»

Can a Leader Make Their Own Barrack Standards?

Can a Leader Make Their Own Barrack Standards? I have a leader that adds additional standards to our barrack SOP. What Can I DO?.. Read the Answer»

Can My Unit Stop Me From Attending BLC?

I Am an E4(P) and my section NCOIC counseled me, stating he will not send me to BLC because my wife is currently being investigated by civilian Child protective services. I am not being investigated nor am I flagged. Otherwise I am fully promotable. If I had gone to BLC I would have made points this month. What can I do? Is he doing anything wrong? Advice?.. Read the Answer»

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How Can I Get My Husband Home On Leave?

I need to know how i get leave for my husband to come home to me please could you tell me what I need to do please thank you.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be given punishment for an offense before receiving an Article 15?

What about a punishment that is “non-corrective” and UCMJ? Example- a soldier gets a DUI and is punished by being told to stay after duty hours and clean the COF and then at a later date he gets extra duty from an Article 15? Is that right? .. Read the Answer»

If a Soldier out of AIT/OSUT be flagged for failing their first APFT in their Unit?

Can a soldier be flagged after failing a apft, and the solider just came out of basic training ?.. Read the Answer»

Can the Chain of Command Require a Soldier to go to the Field without TA-50

I'm on the reserves and one of SMs hasn't received any uniforms or TA 50. I'm in the reserves by the way. He's been in the unit several months and hasn't received any gear it's been brought up on multiple occasions that he still hasn't received anything. Now it's time to go to the field. And it's below freezing temps so I advised the SM not to attend because he hasn't been provided the equipment necessary to survive the weather conditions. .. Read the Answer»

Do off Post Law Enforcement Officials Report Issues Involving Soldiers to the Military Police?

Do the civilian police record every crime on their blotter and send it to the closest military posts?.. Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command Force me to Obtain a Family Care Plan?

Top. My situation is a bit unique. My wife recently had reconstructive ankle surgery and is unable to drive for 8-12 weeks. This has caused me to have to drive my child to and from school. Lately my leadership has begun implementing 1700 meetings which cause me to be late to my 1800 deadline of picking my child up. This has caused me to accrue multiple late fees and I’m concerned this may lead to legal action on the schools part. Either way I brought this to my leadership and received the “well you’re the only one affected” and there have been talks about me needing a family care plan. I don’t feel a family care plan is necessary, can they force a family care plan upon me? Also is it legal and ethical for the command to continue tho accrue late fees that are starting to add up? Can I bring this to the attention of IG? Thanks for the help!.. Read the Answer»