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Does a Specialist Have to Obey the Orders of Another Specialist in a Leadership Position?

I am a specialist that has been placed as a team chief in a 20 level slot. I am having problems with one of my Soldiers bringing up my rank and failing to execute the taskings I put out. I have heard of position over rank but I am not sure where exactly I can find this on digits... Read the Answer»

I am in AIT and Would Like to Know if My Command Keep Me Past My Report Date if I am Pending and Article 15?

I a in AIT, we had a random barrack inspection and they found an empty little liquor bottle in my drawer. I was given a counseling to sign that recommended UCMJ and I am flagged IAW AR 600-8-2. My report date to my new unit within 2 weeks. I would like to know can they keep me past my report date if the article 15 is still pending? .. Read the Answer»

If 2 Individuals of the Same Rank Are Signing a Document Whose Name Goes on the Right?

On the signature block, if the two people signing are the same rank, who do you put on the left, and who do you put on the right? or do you put both names on the right?.. Read the Answer»

Will I Lose All of My Accrued Leave if I am Waiting on a Conditional Wavier to be Approved for My Chapter Separation?

I am waiting for an answer on my conditional waiver for a honorable discharge in lieu of a separation review board. My Cmd has already approved transition leave and I should start clearing next week. That being said, transition called my cmd asking if my ets was a chapter or regular because of the code on my record (9J). My CMD said he did not know and never fully answered so I have no orders. I would be able to clear (with post papers) with a memo to clear without orders. I am prior service and have already sold leave upon that ets (pregnancy chapter). If I am unable to clear and be out soon I will lose all of my leave. TDS told me that I could ETS with leave prior but I cannot find anything in regulations or anything else. I have also done many searches online with no luck. I need guidance and help please.. Read the Answer»

What form should I use if my counseling is too long?

Is there a specific memo format to use if my counseling bullets are too long to fit in the counseling form?.. Read the Answer»

How Many Points Do I Need to Obtain My 20 Year Letter and Where Can I Find My Point Totals.

I need to know how many retirement point I have and how many points I need to receive my 20 year letter? .. Read the Answer»

Can a Commander force me to use a DA Form 4856 when conducting quarterly counseling?

Our Detachment Commander is stipulating that every quarter when we counsel our NCO's, all NCO Support forms be accompanied with a 4856 Counseling form. Does he or can he make us add a 4856 to the quarterly counseling NCO Support form? Thanks again for your time Mark! I am very appreciative of you sharing the vast quantity and quality of knowledge you have!.. Read the Answer»

How Can I Obtain my Total Service Time if I served in More Than One Service?

I was in the Active Navy, Reserve Navy, Reserve Guard, Reserve Navy and then finally the Reserve Army and then IRR via the Army. Is there someplace I can contact where the Army could tell me what they have as my total service for retirement? .. Read the Answer»

Can a FLIPL stop a Med board?

Can a FLIPL stop a Med board? .. Read the Answer»

NCOER False counseling dates, no counseling dates, negative comments- What can I do?

I have serveral questions TOP! Can my rater or senior rater place a derogatory comment on my NCOER without me ever having received a counseling statement? Can They falsify my counseling dates and then remove them and my senior rater write in section Ve that the form was not used but that I was verbally counseled? What exactly can I do and where does it state that the dates for the counselings placed on my NCOER must be in writing?.. Read the Answer»

Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?

Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?.. Read the Answer»

How can I look up my retirement points?

I am in the Army Reserves and I need to determine how many points I have towards retirement. Can you help me?.. Read the Answer»