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Example of a “Thru Memorandum” Use This Format for a Single “Memorandum Thru”

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When you want to let others know what you are doing and give them an opportunity to comment, use a “Thru Memorandum”, especially if their comment will have an effect on the action. Use this format for a single “Thru Memorandum”. In the case of a “Thru Memorandum” where several recipients must approve an action, after the MEMORANDUM THRU go down to the second line below and starting flush from the left had margin write out the recipients names and address one under the other (for multiple address memorandums only, if the name and address are longer than one line the second line of the address should start under the third character of the line above it.). Also add the needed signature line or lines and Approval/Disapproval choices.

NOTE: This document is in MS Word format : This example is a shell outline that can be filled in to complete the memorandum.


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