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I got a DUI last year but had 3 years of good service. My commander will not recommend me for a PCS award…What Can I Do?

Can a commander revoke an award because they forgot to flag me 6 months ago?

I was recommended for an ARCOM but it was downgraded to an AAM. What can I do?

Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software

My award was improperly downgraded; What can I do?

My End of Tour award was downgraded from Bronze Star Medal to Army Commendation Medal with “C” Device. When I looked at the DA Form 638 block Intermediate Authority, it was recommended for Downgrade to ARCOM; however, the Award Approval Authority only checked-off on Approved, which I thought my award is BSM not ARCOM w/C device. I brought this up to my Battalion S1 and it was turned-into the BDE S1 to get fixed. Instead the BDE S1 altered the DA Form 638 to “Downgrade to ARCOM.” I know that is a big NO GO because it’s forging a document. What can I do at this point to get my ward fixed?.. Read the Answer»

Understanding the Award Process

The following information is an extract from the book “Military Writing.” Military awards fall into three categories: awards for service, achievement, and valor. An award for service recognizes outstanding work over a period of time, usually during one assignment or …Read More

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Resources for Award Writing

Strategy Resources Before you begin writing an award you need to arm yourself with some background information. Reviewing these documents will help you acquire a firm foundation of award policy and procedures: AR 600-8-22 Military Awards: This regulation contains the …Read More

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software

What to do When an Award is Downgraded

Downgrading an Award Typically you will not discover an award has been downgraded until it returns to the unit. This means your ability to appeal the downgrade will be limited by the Soldier’s departure from the unit or the time …Read More

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I am Trying to Get Mechanic Badges for my Soldiers. Is There a Website or a Way I Can Get a Formatted Memorandum?

I am Trying to Get Mechanic Badges for my Soldiers. Is There a Website or a Way I Can Get a Formatted Memorandum? .. Read the Answer»

Award Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Part of the ASKTOP mission is to get tools to Soldiers and leaders so they can be more effective and efficient. I have attached a copy of an Awards SOP for those of you that might be in need of …Read More

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HR Actions Tracking Tool

This HR Actions Tracking Tool is a collection of worksheets and checklist to help track and monitor Human Resources activities. It worksheets and checklist included are Suspense, PAT, PERMS, Leader Call, Awards, Long Awards, Driving and Mechanic Badge, Jr Enlisted …Read More

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US Army Correspondence Courses SOP

This SOP establishes the policy and procedures for enrollment, completion, recording and awards for US Army Correspondences Courses. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

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My commander has directed we wear all of our awards from our recent deployments- I do not have orders yet for several of the awards, should I still wear them?

My leadership wants me to wear all of our awards we're supposed to get from our deployment. I do not want to wear any of them until I get orders, or its on my ERB. Am I right to only wear what I've technically earned?.. Read the Answer»