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My Unit is Chaptering me but they Should be Sending me to a Medical Board; What Can I do?

I joined the Army and then developed bulimia. They tried to med board me 2 years ago but I told them no! I love the Army and will beat this thing. Well I didn't... my metabolism slowed down and I put on alot of weight. Since then I PCS'ed and my unit is chaptering me for height and weight. At the same time behavior health is saying my only treatment is a live in program for 30 days. Is there any way for me to get the treatmentl?

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Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

Medical can supersede the weight chapter. Part of the weight chapter is medical counseling. Consider using this opportunity to speak with a doctor about the med board desire. The unit is most likely trying to get rid of you quickly as a chapter is quicker then a med board.

Background Information

A doctor can put you in the med-board process simply by giving you a P3 profile. If you have bulimia I am sure you are seeing a doctor at the hospital or clinic. Going through the unit PA will not help as that person will usually follow what the Commander wants.

Veteran Benefits

You will still qualify for VA benefits and can apply for VA disability even if they chapter you for weight. Weight is an automatic honorable discharge.

Office of Soldier’s Counsel

Recommend you consider speaking with an attorney at the Office of Soldiers Counsel on base. They are the ones that represent Soldiers going through the med board process and speak to them about seeking treatment as well.

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