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Our NCOs are constantly threatening to have the MPs impound our cars if we don’t show them proof of insurance. Can they do that?

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This response is provide based on the information you provided. You should not use this content as the sole source in making your decision. Seek guidance from your chain of command, JAG, IG., or other appropriate agency.  Do your own research. Then make an informed decision.

If they are truly threatening you that is definitely inappropriate. They don’t need to impound your vehicle all they have to do is give you an order not to drive your car…if you don’t have insurance on the vehicle.

IAW AR 385-10 the Army typically requires vehicle inspections for long weekends and at least every six months. Part of this inspection is verification of insurance.  If you do not have insurance you are usually in violation of state law and by extension are not authorized to drive your vehicle on post. Therefore, you should not be operating your vehicle.

Should the NCOs be threating you? No! My question becomes are they threatening you or are they informing you that if you do not have insurance your car will be impounded or you will be given an order not to drive your vehicle until such time as unit leadership has verified you have insurance.

Sometimes a directive might be perceived as a threat.  Examine the situation from an unemotional point of view and look at the facts.  Are they threatening you or are they letting you know what action will be taken if you don’t have valid insurance?

If they are really threatening you then you need to decide if you desire to escalate the issue up the chain of command for resolution.

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