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If I am QMP’d can the unit retain me past my QMP ETS date?

If a soldier's ETS date is in 2021 but the QMP board changed their separation date to May 1 2016, can the soldier be retained beyond this new separation date or can the army hold them to their "contractual ETS" in order to process an administrative separation? I know that AR 635-200 para 1-26 says "Retention beyond a Soldier's ETS to process administrative separation proceedings pursuant to this regulation is not authorized. If it is desirable to retain a Soldier beyond the ETS for any reason other than those covered by paragraphs 1-21 through 1-24, request for approval of such action must be submitted". Well, what if the unit actually submits this request? Is the soldier entitled to the request paperwork? Has this ever happened? Under what circumstances does HRC approve these requests?

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This is an interesting case. There appears to be conflicting components in 635-200.


Extract of AR 635-200

Para 1-26 – prevents retention beyond ETS for administrative separation without DA approval.

QMP, para 19-2b. stipulates that the QMP is not intended to be a substitute for other warranted separations.  “The QMP is not intended as a substitute, and does not relieve commanders of the responsibility, for initiation of separation proceedings under other provisions of this regulation when required or appropriate.”


While para 19-12a. stipulates that once the QMP is approved, the discharge will occur 90 days after pre-separation counseling. “…Such discharge will occur 90 days after the Soldier receives pre-separation counseling as required by law (10 USC 1142), which may be scheduled before a final determination of discharge has been made or as soon as possible after a final determination has been made.”


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