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I feel like my leadership is targeting me…What can I do to get out of this unit and make this torment stop?

I am having serious problems with the unit i am attached to. I am attached to a Military Police unit and i am an MP. I feel as though i am targeted and treated like i don't belong. I know for a fact if i file a complaint and an investigation happens things will get worse. I just want to transfer out ofhere or switch to reserve. Is there anyway this can be done immediately? Please and thank you in advance.

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Your Not Alone!

You are not alone in your feelings.  Many Soldiers have these type of feelings with regard to their situation. In most cases I would say you concerns are unfounded as your leaders have more important things to do than think about being unprofessional concerning a complaint you make.  Now does it happen yes it does.  That is why it is important you are absolutely professional and factual and calm in determining how you deal with the issue.

Can I be transferred or go into the Reserves?

Depending on the severity of the issue and the facts of the case it is possible to be transferred out of a unit.  This is only done in severe situations.  I do not believe a switch to the reserves is even a remote possibility.  Usually you have to deal with the issues at hand.  There are several options available to you.  As you have describe the situation it might be best to contact the IG.  You can do this in several ways.


  1. You can go to them or call them and explain your situation and get their advice.  If you tell them not to contact the unit they will typically respect your wishes.  Keep in mind you must be factual.  Make sure you state the facts and are not emotional.  Telling the IG things that are not factual will only make things worse.
  2. You can call the IG and remain anonymous. You do not have to tell them your name or unit.  They can them provide you information and make suggestions
  3. Your 3rd option is to contact the JAG if you believe a crime has been committed.  Again you can go see them or remain anonymous.
  4. If your Commander has somehow wronged you and Army regulation does not provide you a formal way to appeal then you can request an Article 138 complaint against a commander.

Give Senior Leaders a Chance

Last but not least most leaders want to do what is right.  Usually when you get 2 levels above a problem you usually are above the emotions of the matter and these leaders that will look at the facts of a situation rather than the emotions of an issue.


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