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Can I change Concur to Nonconcur after I sign my NCOER?

I signed my NCOER and checked Concur. Now I want to change that response to Nonconcur. Is this possible?

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Probably not. Once signed, the document is processed electronically.

The change would only be relevant if you can show that there is something factually incorrect on the evaluation report. Your signature indicates that all administrative data is correct: rating chain, ht/wt, counseling dates, etc. If these things are correct you have nothing to contest. Per AR 623-3, your signature does not mean you agree with the ratings or comments.

However, if there is an error in these items you can always submit an appeal and explain that you checked the concur box in error and would like to clarify the issue.

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  • SFC Tolliver


    The Concur/nonconcur is for the reviewer and you should not be checking it anyway. You should simply be signing the eval.

    • Mark Gerecht


      SFC Tolliver, Thanks for the catch….you are absolutely CORRECT. The rater has nothing to with the CONCUR block! Thanks again.

    • Part-Time-Commander


      Great point, SFC Tolliver. Many Soldiers assume that they are supposed to check this block.

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