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Do I get a copy of my NCOER counseling?

My rater is conducting counseling sessions like the reg says but I don't have a copy of the counseling sessions. Can I get them?

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See AR 623-3

3-7b(1)(d) The rater will initial the DA Form 2166–9–1A and will forward it to the rated NCO’s senior rater for comment and input. The rater’s initials verify the face-to-face counseling for DA Form 2166–9–1A.
3-7b(1)(d)(e) Upon the senior rater returning DA Form 2166–9–1A with comments and input, the rater will provide a copy of the discussed DA Form 2166–9–1A to the rated NCO and will notify him or her of any changes (see DA Pam 623–3 for procedural guidance).

3-6b(2) During the rating period. The rated NCO will—
(a) Maintain a personal working copy of the most recent DA Form 2166–9–1A as feedback and guidance are provided by the rater during counseling sessions. Follow-up face-to-face counseling is the most effective forum for these updates. Counseling should focus on learning that occurred (without dwelling on the past), the rated NCO’s progression toward meeting goals and objectives, and what the NCO needs to complete or improve upon in his or her duty performance.

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