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My husband and I are both active duty and we are expecting our 1st child- Should I separate under a Chapter 5-8?

My husband and I are both active duty and expecting our first child. We are considering our options for a Family Care plan and came across Chapter 5-8. Is it plausible for me to be able to get out on a Chapter 5-8 with an Honorable Discharge with us both being Active Duty?

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It is possible to receive a separation under chapter 5-8.  Here is what AR 635-200 states about a separation under this chapter action.

5-8 Involuntary Separation Due to Parenthood
d. For characterization of service or description of separation, see paragraph 5–1

5–1. Characterization of service or description of separation
a. Unless the reason for separation requires a specific characterization, a Soldier being separated for the convenience of the Government will be awarded a character of service of honorable, under honorable conditions, or an uncharacterized description of service if in entry-level status.
b. No Soldier will be awarded a character of service under honorable conditions under this chapter unless the Soldier is notified of the specific factors in his/her service record that warrant such a characterization, using the notification procedure. Such characterization is normally inappropriate for Soldiers separated under the provisions of paragraphs 5–4, 5–11, 5–12, 5–15, 5–16, or 5–17

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