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Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Introduction to the Medical Evacuation System (Medical Evacuation System; Echelons of Care); Effects of Geneva Convention on MEDEVAC (Identify Distinctive Markings and Camouflage of Medical Facilities and Evacuation Platforms; Identify Medical Aircraft; Understanding Self-Defense and Defense of Patients; Treating and Guarding of Enemy Prisoners of War; Compliance with Geneva Conventions); Evacuation Request Procedures (Determination to Request Medical Evacuation and Assignment of Medical Evacuation Precedence; Unit Responsibilities in Evacuation; Collect Medical Evacuation Information; Prepare a Medical Evacuation Request; Identify Types of Medical Evacuation Request Formats and Procedures; Relay Requests); Perform Casualty Triage (Identify the Principles Which Govern the Priorities for Treatment and Evacuation; Perform Triage-Sorting Multiple Casualties into Priorities for Treatment and Evacuation; Prioritize Casualties for Medevac by Categories; Prepare a Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Request); U.S. Field Medical Card (FMC) (Use, Components, and Requirements of the Field Medical Card (FMC); Provide Minimum Information Required on the FMC Review Authorized Abbreviations; Steps in Initiating the Field Medical Card); Manual Evacuation (Steps in Casualty Handling; General Rules for Bearers; Manual Carries; Position the Casualty; Categories of Manual Carries; Special Manual Evacuation Techniques); Litter Evacuation (Standard Litters; Dress a Litter; Use Patient Securing Straps;Identify General Rules for Litter Bearers; Use Spine Boards and the Kendrick Extraction Device (KED)); Evacuation Platforms (Review Army Ground Ambulances and Assigned Medical Personnel; Review of Medical Air Ambulances; Non medical Vehicles Used for Casualty Evacuation or Medical Evacuation; United States Army and Air Force Medical and No medical Aircraft); Appendix A – Evacuation Request Procedures, Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix B – Perform Casualty Triage, Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix C – Manual Evacuation, Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix D – Litter Evacuation, Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix E – Evacuation Platforms, Competency Skill Sheets

NOTE: This document is in PDF format : Chapter heading are bold, subsections of chapter are in (parentheses).


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