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Do You Know the Counseling and Rehabilitative Transfer Requirements under AR 635-200?

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AR 635-200 paragraph: 1–16. Counseling and rehabilitative requirements

a. General. Army leaders at all levels must be continually aware of their obligation to provide purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers. It is essential that Soldiers who falter, but have the potential to serve honorably and well, be given every opportunity to succeed. Effective leadership is particularly important in the case of Soldiers serving their initial enlistments. Except as otherwise indicated in this regulation, commanders must make maximum use of counseling and rehabilitation before determining that a Soldier has no potential for further useful service and, therefore, should be separated. In this regard, commanders will ensure that adequate counseling and rehabilitative measures are taken before initiating separation proceedings for the following reasons: (1) Involuntary separation due to parenthood. (See para 5–8.) (2) Personality disorder. (See para 5–13.) (3) Other designated physical or mental conditions. (See para 5–17) (4) Entry-level performance and conduct. (See chap 11.) (5) Unsatisfactory performance. (See chap 13.) (6) Minor disciplinary infractions or a pattern of misconduct. (See para 14–12a and b.) (7) Failure to meet body fat standards. (See chap 18.)

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