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What can I do with a Soldier who refuses to finish her medication?

I have a Soldier who was prescribed antibiotics but quit taking them prior to finishing. Can I order her not to consume alcoholic beverages for the remainder of our AT?

What can I do with a Soldier who refuses to take their perscription?The doctor prescribed medication to correct an issue. Failing to follow the doctor’s order is failing to follow an order and if she gets sick again she has caused herself injury. Either way both actions are most likely punishable under UCMJ. You mentioned AT so I am assuming you are Guard or Reserve. Was the doctor a civilian or military doctor? If he was a civilian, you need to send her to a military doctor as the military usually does not recognize civilian orders. The military doctor will then put limitations into a profile. If it was a military doctor the prescription is an order!

posted on 09/16/2011 under Q&A
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