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How do I tell a Soldier he will not get a PCS award because he is overweight?

CSM, how do I tell a Soldier he is not getting a PCS award because he is overweight?

Before counseling the Soldier I encourage you to read AR 600-8-2 and AR 600-8-22 as exceptions do exist under some circumstances. If you decide to not recommend the award, counsel the Soldier on DA Form 4856.

The counseling form should include text that looks something like this:

___{INSERT RANK/NAME} on ____{INSERT DATE} it was determined by the chain of command that you would not be recommended for an award because you are overweight and IAW with AR 600-8-2 an award recommendation is not authorized.

When a Soldier completes a tour with a unit they may be recommended for an award commonly referred to as a PCS or end of tour award. There is no regulatory requirement for a Soldier to be recognized during an End of Tour or PCS. An award is earned by maintaining high standards of performance and meeting all Army standards. Unfortunately you have failed to meet the Army standard for Weight Control and as a result the command cannot forward a recommendation for an award.

The Chain of Command does value your contribution to the unit and as such has decided to present you with:____ {ENTER AS APPROPRIATE: Company Coin, Letter of Appreciation, Certificate of Appreciation, 4 day pass, etc} While I understand this cannot be compared to an award it is the only course of action we have to formally say we appreciate your service and contribution to making this unit successful.

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posted on 12/05/2011 under Q&A
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