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Can the Chain of Command Conduct Barracks Inspections without Soldiers being Present?

Is there a regulation that allows senior leadership to go through a single Soldier's room anytime they wish, without probable cause of anything suspicious and without notifying the single Soldier.. Read the Answer»

Can a previous infraction in another unit be used against a Soldier for separation or chapter purposes?

If a Soldier commits a offense while in another unit and moves on to permanent party status in another unit (division), commits a infraction can the infraction from the previous unit be used against the Soldier to establish a pattern of misconduct? .. Read the Answer»

If I Volunteered to Participate in Remedial PT with my Squad Leader Can Another Leader Force me to do PT with him all Weekend?

I failed a diagnostic APFT because I just got off profile for an injury. I volunteered to do extra pt with my NCO to get back into shape. Another NCO came to our workout session because he has a Soldier that joined our session. He then proceed to tell me that I had to meet him all this weekend to workout. I am currently on a reconditioning profile. Is he allowed to force me to come to his pt sessions outside of our workday?.. Read the Answer»

Is it inappropriate to have A CW3 as a nieghbor if I am enlisted?

I have a CW3 as my neighbor I was just curious as to if this is supposed authorized. I am a junior enlisted Soldier and he is a commissed officer. Is this considered fraternization?.. Read the Answer»

Can A Senior Leader Force a Rater/Senior Rater to Change an Evaluation Report?

My evaluation report went up to battalion and the Battalion CSM kicked it back and directed my rater to make changes. A new evaluation report was brought to me for signature. Can the CSM make my rater change the evaluation report?.. Read the Answer»

Do I Need an Evaluation Report if I am Going to ETS, Retire, or Separate Under the Med Board Process?

I am going through the Medical board process and I'm almost complete. I am waiting on orders to clear and get out. My platoon sergeant is now telling me I have to do my NCOER that is due in less than 30 days... Read the Answer»

Can My Chain of Command Order Me to Clean the Inside of My Car?

Does my CoC have the right to tell me to clean the inside of my car? It is my personal property... Read the Answer»

Can I be Relieved if the Rater or Senior Rater Have Failed to Counsel me?

Looks like I will be found guilty for an inappropriate relationship. The investigation is still on going. My commander called me and stated he was giving me a relief of cause NCOER. Besides the Relief for cause NCOER it looks like I will be receiving a GOMAR as well. I'm already trying to fight the GOMAR to try and keep it locally filed. My concern is the relief of cause NCOER. Can I get it even though I've never been counseled by either the rater or senior rater? Should I refuse to sign? Rebuttals it? Commanders inquiry? .. Read the Answer»

I am Retiring in 10 Months…Do I have to take a PT Test?

I am due to Retire in 10 months and now I am scheduled to take an APFT soon. Do I still have to take the APFT due to the fact that I am Retiring?.. Read the Answer»

Does Failure to Counsel in a Timely Manner Invalidate a Flag Action?

Is a flagging action valid if I failed an APFT on 18 August but didn't get counseled or flagged until September 20th?.. Read the Answer»

Should I Sign my Relief for Cause Report While the Investigation is Still On Going?

I got a DUI in August, I'll be getting an General Officer Letter of Reprimand and a Relief for Cause Evaluation Report. My question is should I sign my evaluation report while there's still an investigation going on? .. Read the Answer»

What Does it Mean to Have a Flag Removed Unfavorably?