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How to Build a High Performance Team (HPT)

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Maybe you think you are alone, fighting the one-person fight that many leaders face. You may feel like you spend all of your time putting out fires and solving mundane problems that only you can fix. However, you would be wrong if you assume that the head of a squad, platoon, company, gang or other organization is the only one responsible for coming up with solutions. Leaders should not be the only ones with a vested interest in making an organization better. So how does the leader create a teaming Read more

The continuous security evaluation process

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Many soldiers have security clearances based on MOS or job performance requirements. The security clearance is granted only after a lengthy background investigation is performed by qualified persons. Your security clearance investigation may have been initiated before you even entered active duty. Depending on the duration of the investigation, it may have even been resolved while you were in the delayed entry program. You might be thinking you dodged a bullet after having your clearance Read more