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Why do awards get downgraded?

I just got my end of tour award back and it was downgraded from an ARCOM to an AAM. It's not fair. What can I do?

Awards are frequently downgraded for a number of reasons. Often, it is determined that the write up did not justify the award.

There’s not a lot you can do except to discuss the issue with the individual who submitted your award and ask them why it was downgraded.  Sometimes the award can be resubmitted, but  you will likely be stuck with it as-is unless significant information was left off of the original recommendation.

In some cases, the downgrading of an award may be a bad call on the part of leadership–but you should look at the situation from their perspective. They are making the best call they can given the information available to them. There are rarely any personal motives involved.

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software

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  • SSG Joe


    After serving 20 years of my life to the US Army, Always doing the right thing as the NCO Creed. Never got an article 15. Serving in USAREC most of my last ten years. Recruiter Ring, Morrell Award, no RI’s, I was given a ARCOM as a retirement Award from the 6th Brigade, I just wonder, we as recruiters trying to sell the Army, “The Best Military Branch”, now it’s just a slap on my face. I did many class presentations saying ” I love the Army”, now I can’t say it anymore. As I go into the civilian world I feel that I did a big mistake in trusting my leaders.

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