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The Board Master - Army Promotion Board Study Guide

Requesting A Standby Advisory Board (STAB): Promotions for SFC, MSG, and SGM

The Board Master - Army Promotion Board Study Guide


You may have heard NCOs stating that they were applying for a second look promotion. They were referring to a STAB. There are many misconceptions about a STAB. If you have prepared yourself, for the centralized promotion board, you should never have to request a STAB. The purpose of a STAB is to make recommendations on individual cases regarding promotion or removal from a current recommended list. The STAB is not a selection or promotion board but an advisory body convened to make recommendations on individual cases regarding promotion or removal from a current recommended list. For additional information, see AR 600-8-19. A STAB will convene for all grades during each regularly scheduled DA Centralized Promotion Selection Board. All HQDA approved cases are processed and forwarded to Soldier Record Data Center (SRDC) NLT the convening date of the board.

Type of Records Considered

A STAB will consider the following types of records:

  • A record that was omitted from the primary and secondary zones by a regular board.
  • A record from a primary zone that was not properly constituted due to a material error when reviewed by the regular board or where official changes were made in records.
  • A record for recommended Soldiers on whom derogatory information has developed that may warrant removal from a recommended list.

Reconsideration Granted When:

Reconsideration normally will be granted when one or more of the following conditions existed on the performance section of a Soldier’s AMHRR at the time it was reviewed by a promotion selection board.

  • An adverse NCO Evaluation Report (NCO-ER) or Academic Evaluation Report reviewed by a board was subsequently declared invalid in whole or in part, and was determined by the Enlisted Special Review Board to constitute a material error.
  • An adverse document (Article 15, court-martial, etc.) belonging to another Soldier is filed on the performance fiche of the non-select’s AMHRR, and such document was seen by the board.
  • An Article 15 administered on or after 1 September 1979 which was designated for file in the MPRJ only, but was erroneously filed on the performance fiche of the AMHRR and was reviewed by the board.
  • Court-martial orders were filed on the performance fiche of the AMHRR when the findings were “not guilty.”
  • A document was filed on the performance fiche of the AMHRR which erroneously identified the non-select as AWOL or a deserter when reviewed by the board.
  • Receipt of a degree (AA, BA, BS) not recorded on the performance fiche or the qualification record, or was not seen in hard copy by the board. Only college degrees awarded by an accredited college or university (shown on official transcript dated prior to the board) will be considered. The date of the transcript and awarding of the degree will not be older than 3 months before the convening date of the board.
  • An award of a Meritorious Service Medal (initial award only) or higher not recorded on the performance fiche or qualification record, or not reviewed in hard copy by the board. The date used for determination of reconsideration will be the date of the order or the effective date, whichever is later, and will not be older than 3 months before the convening date of the board.
  • An annual or change of rater NCO-ER which was received at HRC early enough for processing and filing before the convening date of the promotion selection board was not reviewed. 75 days must be allowed between the end date of the NCOER and the convening date of the board for processing.
  • An individual who was reclassified was considered for SFC, MSG or SGM in the old MOS.

Items Not Considered

The following items do not constitute a material error and reconsideration will not be granted. This is not an all-inclusive list:

  • Omission of letters of appreciation, commendation, congratulations or other similar commendatory correspondence.
  • Documents which are not derogatory having been filed on the wrong performance fiche of the AMHRR.
  • Absence of documents written, prepared or computed following convening of a board.
  • Incorrect data on the ERB reviewed by the Soldier prior to the record being forwarded to the board.
  • Absence of Personnel Record.
  • Absence of an official photograph or the presence of an outdated photograph.
  • Absence of an award for achievement or meritorious service lower than the Meritorious Service Medal.
  • Absence of documents not authorized to be filed in the performance fiche of the AMHRR under AR 600-8-104.
  • Absence of completion of an NCOES course unless it is a criteria for promotion consideration, i.e., ALC, BLC, and the course was completed prior to the convening date of the board.
  • A complete the record NCO-ER is an optional report and the absence of this report will not, under any circumstances, be a basis for reconsideration.

Procedures for Requesting a STAB

The following procedures will be followed when processing a request for STAB:

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  • Fili


    If I was removed from the list due to a pending article 15, does the completion of the investigation constitute a stab board? No article 15 or punishment given, GOMOR filed locally.

    • Mark Gerecht


      I would encourage you to go to the HRC website. They will have a list of items that would constitute a STAB.

      I would provide the reference for you but the information requires a CAC Card.

      Sorry I could not be of more assistance


      Checkout our YOUTUBE Channel: Mentor Military

  • Will


    If my Iperms/OMPF didn’t match my board file for the week leading up to the Board file closing, and important documents weren’t filed correctly, would this constitute a STAB?

    • Mark Gerecht


      It may justify a STAB board. I would recommend you read AR 600-8-19 to verify what justifies a STAB board

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