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Who do I go to when my NCO threatens me?

I have a complaint about my immediate supervisor. When I tried to resolve the complaint with that supervisor, I was met with resistance. I used my command's open door policy and now that NCO I had an issue with is calling me cussing me and threatening disciplinary counseling. What do I do now?

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Using the open door policy is appropriate. If you have received threats from your NCO and he is cussing at you and threatening you with action you have 2 options. One is to do nothing and weather the storm. The other is to prepare a written document for the 1SG/Commander. This document should be a professional statement of the facts surrounding what the NCO did and how he threatened you. Then you should request to see the 1SG/Commander on open door policy and present the memo to them and state your concerns that the NCO is not treating you professionally and/or that you believe he is not treating you fairly.

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  • harley


    I have a question. my husband and his sgt. were talking about a pt happening the following morning and the sgt. saw it as disrespectful even though it was in no way disrespectful. now the sgt is trying to get him in trouble is constantly harassing him and threatning him and writing him up for no reason and wont let him go any where near his commander to tell him whats going on or let me any where near too do the same. what should I do?

  • tbohlen


    I think that communication is key. I believe you must try to communicate to you’re NCO first. Like for instance try communicating with him through your monthly counseling sessions about your concerns and your intentions or request to talk to him about your concerns . I wouldn’t suggest getting in a argumentative discussion with your NCO while he is correcting you or start to become demanding in nature.

    I’ve told my soldiers many times over, that they can always go through me to discuss issues. If I don’t listen, they can requests to speak to my supervisor… hence the chain of command.

    As a leader I take full responsibility for my actions, and I learn by my mistakes.. If I don’t know what is wrong, then I can’t fix the problem.

    Again Communication is Key !

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