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What regulation states a 1SG must rate the supply sergeant?

CSM, my 1SG just told me that there is a regulation that states that 1SGs always rate supply NCOs. I have searched but cannot find any regulation that supports this. Is there really a reg that says so and if so where can I find it?

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If the 1SG is the individual who is directly responsible for supervising the daily activities of the supply sergeant, it would be appropriate for him to be the rater. In my career I saw several different rating schemes to include the rater being 1SG, XO, or the property book officer. I know of no specific regulatory guidance that states the 1SG will rate the supply sergeant.

AR 623-3 gives specific guidance about rating chains. Please read the extracts below:

Page: 1, Para 1-4b(4): Rating chains correspond as nearly as practical to the chain of command and supervision, are drawn up by name, given effective dates, published, and made available to each rated Soldier and each member of the rating chain. Any changes to rating chains will also be published and distributed. No changes may be retroactive

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  • Bradley E. Thomas, SSG


    AR 735-5 specifically says the supply custodian is rated by and directly reports to the commander.

  • John Kinghorn


    I am having trouble finding the rating chain for a MCS (Maintenance Control Sergeant). Can someone posts the regulation?

    • Mark Gerecht


      To my knowledge the only regulation discussing this would be AR 623-3 and/or DA PAM 623-3. The rater is the immediately leader that as knowledge of your duties.
      See paragraph 2-5 of AR 623-3

      2–5. Rules for designating a rater

      a. Rater requirements.
      The rater will be the immediate supervisor of the rated Soldier responsible for directing and Rater requirements. The rater will be the immediate supervisor of the rated Soldier responsible for directing and assessing the rated Soldier’s performance. The rater will normally be senior to the rated Soldier in grade or date of rank. CDRs will normally rate CDRs. Civilian raters for OERs and NCOERs will be officially designated on the established rating scheme. For purposes of this regulation, a civilian supervisor/rating official need not be classified as a supervisor under the Office of Personnel Management classification guidance provided they are responsible for directing and assessing the rated Soldier’s performance

      Hope this Helps!

  • Kristina


    I have a question, I am at a TRADOC unit and it really doesn’t cater to supply but that of drill sergeants. Well any way my orderly room NCO and I have had a debate yesterday about who I work for. He says I work for 1SG as well as the CDR. Now I showed him the regulation on where it states that I work for CDR, he says he understands but however if the 1SG tells me to do something I must do it. Which I get seeing how I am an E-4 and I have to respect all senior leadership. But however it relates to property then what am I suppose to do? My orderly room NCO states that I shouldn’t be going to XO and the CDR and about everything either, that I should let him know. For example my S-4 tells me that I have to do a inventory of all brick radios with them. So I report it to my CDR. Well he says to tell him because CDR and XO really don’t care they just want to see me execute me. I’m at a cross roads here because anything pertaining to property has to go to my CDR or my XO. Now my dad is a SFC and works in IG and I called him on the situation, he tells me to leave them officers alone because they’ll get me in trouble, but I tell him that I have to. He says that if I need help on having the drill sergeants turn in paper work to me then I can go directly to the 1SG and tell him and that it won’t be breaking chain command. Because technically outside of TRADOC I would have to go to my squad leader, then squad leader to the platoon sergeant and so fourth. Well in TRADOC we don’t have all of that so what am I to do?

    Next question I have gotten my first counseling in my the 3 plus years that I have been in the army since I have gone to a BCT unit and I haven’t even been here a 2 months yet. Now I’m going to write the counseling says and explain the situation and I want to know whether I was wrong or not.
    It says:
    At this time you are being counseled regarding a lack of discipline you have shown to accomplish your duties as a supply NCO. On 3 August 2013 you stated that you were going to come to the company to complete the statement of charges. You choose to not complete this task until a later date. You need to talk to the Drill sergeants and continue to follow to follow up with them as they have multiple tasks going on at all times. If you have talked to the Drill Sergeants multiple times about a issue and have gotten no results, it is your job to continue to remind them and inform the Chain Command of this issue so that we can help set up times to accomplish your mission. On 8 August 2013 you informed 1LT Graetz that you turned in the statement of charges and some of the statement of charges were wrong. Due to you turning in the soldiers statement of charges in later the soldier’s have now left to go to AIT and can know longer sign the corrected statement of charges. You have shown that you aren’t ready to become a NCO and there for your WLC packet has been pulled. If these type of events keep occurring your promotable status can and will be removed.

    Now in my defense I volunteered to come in at 1300 on Saturday but I choose not to come in at that time but a later time because I wanted to spend time with my daughter, and I didn’t need to be there for the inventories but just to do the statement of charges. Now know one was over me so I called my XO first, he didn’t answer. SO I then called my 1SG he didn’t answer, so I called the training room NCO to verify it with him and he told me that know one was even there so I really wasn’t going to go up there at 1300. After speaking with the training room NCO my 1SG called back so I told him and he was mad saying that I was suppose to be there and the drill sergeants needed supplies and stuff but he wasn’t even there to verify. I explained that I was going to still come in. Well then my XO called me and back and I told him the same thing and he said ok. I also told him that 1SG was pissed and he said that the 1SG only had one week left and that we were getting a new one and that we could then mold the new one how we wanted. Those are the exact words my XO said. SO I took it as cool i’m not in trouble. Well I come in at 1600 and do the statement of charges I even come in on sunday to get them done because I was told Friday that had to be turned in on Monday. My XO asked me were they done I said yes. Well I ended up getting a extension because soldiers kept coming up with the missing stuff saying they found it and then the XO turned signed in the wrong spot and out of know where a platoon says they didn’t turn theres in when I told them all that they needed to be turned on. SO I took a four day for my daughters birthday and my soldier was left behind to turn the statement of charges in to S-4 to be looked at. The statement of charges got kicked get back because the drill sergeants didn’t fill out the 2062’s right but previously when I turned them in s-4 said that they just needed the 2062’s to verify the soldiers signature. Now I couldn’t understand why they kicked them back seeing you don’t need 2062’s to turn in the statement of charges to CIF then Finance. So I called my XO and informed on the situation and he said okay. So I cam e in Friday off my pass to get the issue fixed well next thing you know i’m getting counseled. So I tell my S-4 and they explain to my XO that I did in fact fill the statement of charges out right and that it was not my responsibility to make sure that the drill sergeants fill out there 2062’s right. But still my XO didn’t listen. It is not my job to chase down people about there equipment after I have already informed them. It’s called a regulation or ask how to fill something out. I get it people forget however I have a job to do too. I bet if I dint show up to formation and they ask why and I say I wasn’t informed they would tell me why didn’t you ask. So why when I say it i’m the bad guy and now i’m not fit to be a Non commissioned Officer? Can I fight this and how do I go about it all? Honest answers please

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