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What is the duty description for a First Sergeant (1SG)?

What is a first sergeant role and duty description for ARNG soldiers?

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Regardless of status: Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve the role and duties of the 1SG tends to be the same. Typically the duty description includes the following elements:

  • Number of Soldiers in the unit
  • Type of unit
  • Responsible for the health, welfare, morale, professional development, and training of the unit
  • Responsible for advising the Commander on enlisted matters, promotions, maintaining and enforcing standards, personnel accountability, standard compliance with regulations, monitoring and enforcing maintenance standards.

The 1SG’s job is the basic enforcement of the 4 NCO Roles…

  1. Train, Educate & Develop
  2. Establish, Maintain & Enforce Standards
  3. Care for Soldiers & Equipment
  4. Lead the unit

and the 6 NCO Core Competencies:

  1. Professional Competence
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Learning
  4. The Profession
  5. Comprehensive Fitness
  6. Team Building

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  • 1SG Andersen


    I have been informed by my training staff that the commander does not want me the 1SG in charge of the units APFT.

    I have developed and assigned along with the commander another soldier to run the PRT program / remedial training.

    Now the commander is nixing me for him and I will have no say; i understand the commander is respectable for the over all, but this is ridicules.

    Note; soldiers are trying to pull a fast one because some failed.

    Where is there a regulation to help me get back in the game to convince the commander this is wrong and I still need to supervise and over see his APFTs and physical training as I was taught in 1SG School?

    please reply on my email address, thanks.


    • Anonymous


      i would talk to my CSM and ask for guidance. His boss might want to talk to him.

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