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Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?

Should I counsel a Soldier Who is in Their Reenlistment Window but Chooses not to Reenlist?

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During my career I watched numerous Soldier pass up promotion boards, schools, and other career enhancing events because they were not going to reenlist.  However most of them reenlisted at the last minute. This initial decision caused them to  lose out on many opportunities.

Counseling Template

________{insert Rank/Name}, on ________{insert date}, we discussed your potential reenlistment. Your current ETS date is:___________{insert date}, your current reenlistment window  closes on or about ________{insert date}. Should you choose not to reenlist within your reenlistment window which ends on or about ________{insert date}. There is very little chance you will be allowed to reenlist as the Army is changing reenlistment requirements to meet drawndown requirements.________{insert specifics}. Furthermore I highly encourage you to attend all promotion boards, schooling, or any other event that will have a positive impact on your career should you decide to reenlist.

Should you choose not to reenlist I would encourage you to aggressively prepare and execute a plan of action that allows you to take maximum advantage of any and all Army programs that can assist you in the transition process to include civilian education.

At this time please indicate your decision by initialing the correct statement below regarding your reenlistment decision.

____I plan to reenlist and request you assist me in coordinating this action with the unit REUP NCO and unit commander

____I do not plan to reenlist and plan to separate from the service on my ETS date.

Addition Counseling Resources

You might also be interested in our comprehensive counseling resources.  They can be found at 

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