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My commander has directed we wear all of our awards from our recent deployments- I do not have orders yet for several of the awards, should I still wear them?

My leadership wants me to wear all of our awards we're supposed to get from our deployment. I do not want to wear any of them until I get orders, or its on my ERB. Am I right to only wear what I've technically earned?

I think this is a little bit of a catch 22.  I agree with you in that I would not wear an award until I had orders for the award.  AR 670-1 provides some guidance on this issue.  It states Commanders may require the war of awards but again I believe they are referring to authorized awards.

You might consider voicing your concern with your chain of command.  If they tell you to wear your awards simply make a note in a memorandum for record that states on this date at this time I was told to wear the following awards and include the individuals that were present at the meeting.  If you are called out on wearing the medals you have a fall back position.

I have to assume that your Commander has a good understanding of the issue and that the paperwork is being processed and therefore feels comfortable directing you to wear the awards you have earned without the orders.

Extract of AR 670-1

29–2. Authorization a. Commanders may require the wear of awards on the following occasions.(1) Parades, reviews, inspections, and funerals.(2) Ceremonial and social occasions. b. Awards are worn at the option of the wearer when not prohibited during normal duty hours. Personnel also may wear awards on appropriate uniforms when off duty (see para 29–4, below). Personnel are encouraged to wear authorized awards on the service, dress, and mess uniforms.c. Soldiers may wear awards on the class B uniform during duty hours and when off duty, at their option

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software

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