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If I am on Medical Profile can I be Placed on CQ every other day?

I was placed on CQ every day because I did not inform my chain of command that I had a Physical Therapy appt. I am on profile and I have to go to Physical Therapy everyday. I pull 24 hours of duty, get off at 9 am and have to be at my appt at 10:45 am every day. I am exhausted. I feel like they are punishing me for trying to rehabilitate muself

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Short Answer

That Depends!

When would it be OKAY?  If your profile prevents you from working and placing you on CQ during duty hours frees up another Soldier to work then I would say it would be acceptable for you to be placed on CQ during duty Hours.

When would it be UNACCEPTABLE?

  1. If you are being placed on duty for a 24 hour period solely because you are on profile that would be unacceptable in my opinion.  As long as there are sufficient Soldiers available to run a DA FORM 6 Duty Roster, this is the method that should be used.
  2.  Corrective Training: If this is being used as corrective training and based on the information you provided it would be inappropriate.  As corrective training must be related to the offense, conducted only as long as necessary to correct the substandard behavior, cannot be used as punishment or perceived as punishment. For more information on how to use corrective training see the following post:  Using Corrective Training to Motivate Substandard Performers.

Possible Courses of Action

If there are no special circumstances that warrant an every other day schedule other than what you have described then you might have an issue that should be addressed by your Chain of Command. You might want to consider

  1.  Approaching your 1SG or CSM
  2. If step 1 does not work consider speaking with your Company Commander or BN Commander.
  3. Should steps 1-2 fail consider an IG complaint
  4. Should steps 1-3 fail or you feel you cannot use that route consider submitting an Article 138 action against the appropriate Commander.  This is a request for redress of a specific issue in which you believe you have been treated unfairly.  For more information on The Article 138 process see the following article: How to Submit a Complaint Against Your Commander Under the Article 138 Process.

Approaching Leadership

When you approach leadership do so from a non threatening perspective.  Be polite, professional, calm, and factual.  Offer solutions.  Don’t just bring a problem with an attitude attached to the issue.  This usually does not end well for the Soldier.

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