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I am on leave but plan to go camping and will not be readily availalbe by phone…can I get in trouble if I don’t answer my phone if the chain of command calls?

How "available" do I have to be while I'm on leave? If I'm staying in the local area for the duration of my leave, but I decide to go camping where I can't readily answer my phone for a few days, can I get in trouble for not answering when my chain of command calls?

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Leave is a commander’s program and the commander may put stipulations in place to granting the leave.  Many times, Soldiers who are designated “high risk” are required to check in telephonically each day while on approved leave, whether they are in the local area or not.  This is especially true when taking block leave after a deployment.  Unit leadership has to make a determination of “risk” for each Soldier.  This is based on prior misconduct, pending divorce, alcohol issues, etc.

Now, if there is no stipulation of this, then when a Soldier is on approved leave, they still have to be able to be contacted, incase of recall, emergency, etc.  In this case, the Soldier can inform his command upfront that I am going camping at this location and may be unaccessable from Friday to Sunday.  The command will then know he’s out of touch but make him call back in on Sunday just to verify he is OK.

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