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I am a geographical bachelor but my duty station will not allow me to live in the barracks, What can I do?in separate locations,

I am a married Soldier whose spouse/dependents do not reside with me. I am currently stationed at Fort Drum but my spouse and children live in NYC. At my previous duty station geographic bachelor living arrangements were available. At my current station they are only available for SSG and above. I have spoken with the garrison CSM and he stated I must find my own place to live. According to regulations BAH is solely for my dependents and without my BAH I am unable to afford a place to live by myself. What are my options? Is there anyway to change my BAH rate to the NYC rate?

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Since you are a voluntary geographical bachelor, you are not entitled to reside in military housing, barracks or bachelor housing.  That is established in the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR).   If the you desire to live in the barracks, you may have the option to voluntarily give up BAH, and live in the barracks.  I know this puts a financial hit on your  family income, but you can’t legal have both.

Think of it like this:  A Soldier lives in family housing with his dependents (not drawing BAH).  His dependents move out for whatever reason.  Now, he wants to remain in housing, but start drawing BAH to support his dependents.  It is not legal.  Basically the same standard applies to your situation.

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The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

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  • timmyothi clogston


    can you please site the regulation for this policy im going through the same thing, but the other way around..

    • Eck


      Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR).

      • Anonymous


        JFTR / JTR was combined into only the JTR.

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