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How often should I conduct performance counseling?

I have been told different things by different people. What does Army regulation say about when we have to conduct performance counseling? Quarterly? Monthly? I'm lost.

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There used to be a specific requirement to counsel all Soldiers (E-4 and Below) monthly but that requirement was changed.  AR 600-20 para 2-3 now reads:

Commanders will ensure that all members of their command receive timely performance counseling. Effective performance counseling of officers, noncommissioned officers (NCO), enlisted Soldiers, and DA civilian employees helps to ensure that they are prepared to carry out their duties efficiently and accomplish the mission. AR 623–3 and AR 690–400 contain counseling requirements in conjunction with the evaluation reporting systems. Unit commanders will determine the timing and specific methods used to provide guidance and direction through counseling. FM 6–22 provides advice and makes suggestions concerning effective counseling. Providing regular and effective performance counseling to all Soldiers, not just those whose performance fails to meet unit standards, is a command function. All commanders will ensure that their subordinate commanders have implemented and are maintaining an effective performance counseling program.

This allows commanders to determine the timing and specifics regarding their counseling program.  Most commands have adopted a policy of conducting performance counseling for E-4 and below on a monthly basis.

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  • Mark


    I am a SFC working a SSG slot. I will be in this position for only a year. I was told that this is not good for my career. How bad is this going to hurt me?

    • Mark Gerecht


      It should not hurt you if:
      1. Do a great job. Make sure there is alot of information in terms of quantity and quality on your NCOER
      2. Usually the 1SG will authorize you a different duty title at the E-7 level. For example lets say you are an 11B40 working in an 89B30 position. The 1SG can simply have the NCOER written as an 11B40 position or as an 89B40 position. The unit does not have to call you duty title the same thing as the MTOE title. Many leaders do not realize this. This is a great way of helping and motiviating highspeed NCOs when they have to work outside of there MOS or below grade.
      3. Consider discussing the issue with the 1SG & CDR and see if there is a date that they will be willing to reassign you. Say 12-15 months in the future. Basically you do a great job for them and they help you move on.

      A wise CSM told me “Grow where you are planted…and things will work out”. He was correct! Keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND TONE!

      Did you find this information useful? I would appreciate your feedback!

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