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Do you have a counseling statement example for unit recalls?

What should a counseling statement look like for a unit recall?

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It is dependent on the conditions but the following should get you close:

_______{INSERT RANK/NAME}, this counseling is to inform you that our unit has been placed on a _________{Insert Recall period Example: 5 hour} recall. This order was issued by:_________________{INSERT ISSUING AUTHORITY EXAMPLE: CO CDR, BN CDR, etc}. This order also restricts your movement to within ____ {INSERT MILE LIMITATION}miles of the installation.

In summary this order means you must without fail be able to report for duty within ___{INSERT TIME LIMIT} and remain within ____ {INSERT MILE LIMIT}

If notified to report you must report for duty at ________________{ INSERT LOCATION SOLDIER IS TO REPORT TO Example: orderly room, unit motor pool, etc include building number if available} in the uniform specified with all equipment specified in the recall notice. Reporting for duty means you must be capable of properly executing your duties and responsibilities. Consuming alcohol or another substance in a manner that impairs your ability to perform your duties will not be tolerated. While I am not restricting your alcohol privileges I am notifying you that showing up in an impaired condition is not in keeping with the spirit of this order and you could be subject to punishment under the UCMJ.

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Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

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